Francis Goes On Yet Another Unhinged Screed Against Traditionalists

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The trip to Mongolia was historically bad, but the truth and impact of it got lost in the west due to the news about Bishop Strickland and Fr Altman.




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2 thoughts on “Francis Goes On Yet Another Unhinged Screed Against Traditionalists

  1. Most Loved Anthony ,

    All Praise, Honor , and Glory are His , Our Lord Jesus Christ . He Is I AM . The same now, yesterday, and forever .

    His Mother, Her Immaculate Heart , Triumphs , as we “listen to Him” . She unties knots and points to His Truth . She speaks “do what he tells you”.

    Francis , I will be generous , is trying to do his personal best ? ; he is “listening”. BUT he is “frozen” ( rigidity ) by the actions of those who surround him ? He has allowed himself to become hostage to liberation theology, a narrative that embraces ecumenism in promotion of social justice agendas ( the devils handiwork of “equality” is in the details).

    Very sad, liberation theology, in its “end”, demands that His Church deny its authority on earth in order to conform with man made socialist and communist politics !!!

    Most grievous , in the USA , is the “hijacked” Department of Justice which has entangled His Church. The roots at least date to 2015, seeds sown by the demoncrats, as amplified by the 2020 election of Biden; during these times Francis and his cohorts have been held hostage to the US Democratic Party ( social Justice warriors , “evolving history “ academics , abortion god worshipers , and rainbow “identity” rights ) . Add to this an obscure and corrupt legal case in Yuma Arizona, 2015 to 2019 , and you have the fuel for a judicial scam/fraud against Trump and individual freedoms. The saga is inclusive to the fake Russian dossier and a bribed Arizona judge accomplished by the “mafia”, involving AZ Governor Deucy, as well as the Yuma County Superior Court , 2018. ( a crook litigant “won” his case )

    Because of 3 letter agency involvement Canadian “Catholics” then visited the Trinitarian of Mary Monestary in Tecate Mexico, 2016 ( rumors started about Mother Lillie,the forcing sisters to use drugs ? , cartels ? ). The Monastery then became confiscated, BUT no apology has yet been given from Francis or Cardinal McElroy for the confiscation ( initiated by Tiajuana Bishop upon his acceptance of a false narrative – a “story” which has now completely disintegrated.

    YET, Francis continues to hold onto the false “narrative ” consequent to his “rigidity”. This is BECAUSE , as it is Justin Trudeau who scammed Francis to give a Catholic Church apology for “genocide”, it is the same Justin Trudeau who most likely cooperated with US intelligence to deliver “fake news” to influence the Bishop of Tiajuana; a denunciation of The Trinitarians of Mary and Mother Lillie was passed to the Tiajuana Bishop as “complaints”. The circumstance were such that Canadian “benefactors” (keystone type pipeline people ) just “showed up” to inject themselves into the construction of a soup kitchen; the desire of their charitable effort served as a “veil” that hid their investigation of charitable gifts given to The Trinitarians of Mary ? It follows, knowledge of the pipe line peoples true motivations ,in manifestation unfolded in the form of “internal complaints” or “internal dispute” . Once presented to the Tijuana Bishop Rome became “snookered” into taking action. The Trinitarians of Mary, their Monastery, became confiscated. The fake news complaints which I heard ( described above ) most likely had an origin with 3 letter US agencies. The delivery of “official information” has since rendered Francis unable to “undo” or “untie” his “mistakes”? This because he has invited Biden to Rome and blessed his ability to receive communion ?

    Which asks , “Are the only “diplomatic” options available to Francis smear tactics ?” “Is his strategy to call all those lied about, to define them as “rigid” and well “inflexible”, as displaces/ places blame on the scapegoat ? “

    Yet , God Willing , the Holy Spirit may well guide Francis and cohorts to change their public statements soon ? His Truth is all unfolding . The consequences of impeachment inquiries may well allow His Light to shine in the darkness.; the consequences of an obscure legal case in Arizona may well become known as involving His Church ( very demonic).

    Pray that His Light will shine into the darkness any “tear the veil” from top to bottom !!!

    Evangelical prophecies (Julie Green Ministries ) , speak His Words that advise the listener to have an awareness of Doug Ducey, Justin Trudeau , 3 letter agencies, the “Bidens” , and His Church.

    I believe there is much to come, and soon !!! God Our Father has a great exodus in preparation for His Children of the modern era .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  2. Hope is ALWAYS possible! . . because of the
    Mass offered 24/7 throughout the world . .
    the Morning Offering times millions . .
    prayers, works, joys, sufferings through the
    Immaculate Heart of Mary for everything
    intended by the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    Hope is ALWAYS possible, and not merely
    because Francis —perceived head of the
    two billion Roman Church — is sweet-talking
    the various Nations he visits to affirm their
    Humanity [ and getting their history
    wrong . . Canada . . Mongolia, see Catholic
    Family News on Francis’ speech there a
    couple of days ago ].

    Francis seems always to shy away from
    being objective, fearing that THAT kind of truth
    well get “rigidly” frozen in the brain, thereby
    de-legitimizing the fluidity of “HUMAN” expression,
    especially of the Latino/Romance languages . .
    or the unrehearsed, non-scripted, exuberant
    chirpy utterances of little grand kids.

    BOTH belong to the spectrum of human
    expression. Archived Wisdom [ Sacred
    Deposit of Faith ] is only “rigid” when a NON
    scholar is too attached to coffee-house,
    water fountain, zoom chat, birthday party, or
    any SPONTANEOUS casual chinwag chatter
    . . or to personal dictatorial imperatives.


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