BREAKING NEWS: Francis Is Going To FORCE Bishop Strickland To RESIGN

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This will probably happen before the Synod meeting in Rome in October. Pray for the Bishop.




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2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Francis Is Going To FORCE Bishop Strickland To RESIGN

  1. I am convinced that the ONLY way (besides prayer & fasting) to fight back is for the laity to organize themselves into relentless protest groups against the Leftists. Cutting off funding to the Leftist Bishops would be paramount.

    Even so, I fear that there are too many present day Catholics who actually want a “woke” Church because they were never catechized properly, they never studied Church history and Scripture is a just a “wax nose” that can be twisted to one’s own or current fashionable interpretation or just simply ignored.
    Present day Catholics WANT a “church of nice” …. after all wasn’t Jesus nice to everyone, they will say? They WANT a Church that is low on doctrine and accepts and approves everything secular, even that which is unholy….. because they don’t really know what true Holiness is, AND they definitely don’t want anything that requires work or self sacrifice!
    It’s far easier for to smile at everything and sit around singing “Kumbaya” than it is to take up one’s Cross daily and strive for righteousness.

    The smoke of Communism, Occultism and Free Masonry is so pervasive now in most of the hierarchy that both clergy and laity have learned to accept the smell of sulfur and think it normal!

  2. ” .. And so we still have a pope, AS BAD AS HE IS.
    We must adhere [ RETURN ] to Tradition and do
    what it is OUR DUTY to do:

    o pray the Rosary without
    ceasing and

    o do penance for ourselves and for
    all sinners —as Our Lady has requested.

    In the end, she will triumph, and the Church
    will shine forth again in all her glory.”
    —comment by Wayne Nichols

    A ceaseless act of Faith, that.

    I’m going to leave it AT that, Anthony, and
    do as Our Lady requested . . and requests.

    Mr. Nichols argues with the clearest and
    most complete Catholic logic, it being
    obvious [ to myself anyway ] that he is
    highly competent in sorting out Papal,
    Hierarchical, and Laity issues.

    Drawn into the SV way of thinking was the
    FURTHEST thing from my mind then, now
    and always. Thus I’d better distance myself
    from my own NON-existent formation in these
    major Ecclesiastical and Theological fields,
    and battle on with Spiritual weapons, like
    a Faithful foot soldier.


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