What Are They Afraid Of? The Synod Is Now Shrouded In Secrecy

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They’re protecting the Synod deliberations under the pontifical secret. That probably won’t stop leaks from happening.






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2 thoughts on “What Are They Afraid Of? The Synod Is Now Shrouded In Secrecy

  1. Most Loved Anthony,

    Thanks be to God , you have “eclipsed” the mystical and supernatural of Catholicism by pointing out their rational manifestations of mind in physical reality. Quite simply, this is an intersection of the spiritual and material where mysteries are revealed , UNLESS THEY ARE SPOKEN IN SECRET ?

    Yet , you are quite correct !!! Secrecy at a group meeting with spoken vocalizations,for all ears to hear ( listen ), Is an OXYMORON. You are quite correct , “gossip” ( “unofficial” information delivery ) will occur . Yet, this asks, according to Francis , “What is gossip ?”

    My answer : The transmission of information which can not be known as true or not true; an acquisition of information by a listener which requires discernment ( to identify truth from falsehood ) , an intersection where the risks of errant judgements arrive, “conclusions” as might attribute malicious intentions to the words and actions of the other inappropriately.

    That said, “secrecy” now , is only a means for the Synod on Synodality to UNRAVEL behind closed doors . BLAME shifting , Francis and his cohorts will walk away from their past stupidities in private , BUT will “save face” by their public statements . Will this work ? Doubtful . You correctly point out that the floodgates of truth , once opened , will not contain The Holy Spirits Will .

    BTW , as an update to my post from yesterday , it has been communicated, to The Bishop of Tucson, that he should investigate “WHY and WHO” the Canadians are that arrived to Mother Lillie’s and The Trinitarians of Mary Monetary. AND it has been communicated to Captain Friel USN (Catholic Priest) , given the likelihood of 3 letter agency engagement with Justin Trudeau and the Canadians , that he ask USN naval intelligence to investigate any national security risk caused by Canadian involvement .

    That’s all for today ,

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  2. So, Anthony, in this podcast you have spanned
    the [ ECLIPSED ! ] Mystical/ Supernatural nature
    of Catholicism to THE REASON of that eclipse,
    namely, the politicized THIS-WORLDLY dishonest
    manoeuvrings of a BAD, BAD Pope currently
    occupying the Chair of St. Peter . . Francis and
    his thoroughly NON-Mystical Vatican

    Francis has never had it so good, having been
    given the WHOLE CHURCH (and the World) to
    fine-tune his Latino, Jesuitical, Dictatorial

    With the Synod on Synodality he’s playing
    his wildest South American “JAZZ” !

    It could be that the Bishops invited to the Synod
     —being also thereby WITNESSES to the
    internal dynamics of its secret meetings —will
    report on those dynamics, persons speaking
    and points made.


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