Francis’ Consecration Of Russia & Ukraine Has DIVIDED Traditional Catholics

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don’t excommunicate your brother or sister over a difference of opinion on the efficacy and validity of Francis’ consecration. Instead, learn what the other side is saying.




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7 thoughts on “Francis’ Consecration Of Russia & Ukraine Has DIVIDED Traditional Catholics

  1. Trads don’t need the Pope to help them to engage in petty in-fighting.

  2. My disbelief in the consecration owes to the fact it was being done by the worst enemy of the Church since Julian the Apostate, and far worse than he, since he is believed by many to legitimately hold the Roman See. It has nothing at all to do with the particular form, except that the putative pontiff is an arch-heretic, and he has poisoned the entire body of the Church.

  3. “Quality” (?) mystic Gisella Cardia’s message STILL remains in the category of “Private revelation”, though its content certainly
    makes sense given the on-going war.
    Bishop Schneider’s response to the MEANING of that specific phrase in the Romance languages —”Terra del cielo” in Italian; Spanish; French . . —is the most comprehensive, and historically
    grounded. One’s HOPE for the best outcome of the current war
    CAN remain intact, depending on one’s interior humility and trust in the Divine Will and Mercy.
    Seems to this paizano observer, that this war is primarily CIVIL war insofar as Ukraine—certainly Eastern Ukraine —was part of Russia back in 1917. Putin is determined to maintain this “former Russia” as a buffer zone between Russia proper and the en-croaching Nato States . . by whatever means, even the wrecking of Ukraine so as to make it useless. But global military technology has found Putin way behind “the times”. He’s already a “has been”.
    The scope, depth, and boundless destruction of universal SIN
    shows up now for all to see.
    Is Heaven’s —the QUEEN of Heaven’s —Peace Plan TOO GOOD to be TRUE? . . NOT trustworthy?
    How direct, clear, and straight forward it was when first heard from three little shepherd children, unlettered, and palpably steeped in “the smell of the sheep”!
    But an army of high-end “hair splitters” come along and trim that urgent, no-nonsense, yet Tender-Hearted warning into a
    blizzard of “yes, buts . . “, “what ifs . . “, and “you fergot thats . . ”
    This is exactly like the story of St.Bernard —no self-propelled vehicles then in those forest-covered hills ‘n dales —promising his horse to a fellow-traveller, WITH THE CONDITION that the fellow ride it IN SILENCE for the duration of one “Our Father” prayed. Before that required period of silence ended, the fellow turns in the saddle and blurts out: “Does that include the saddle?”.
    Ah .. ah, Bernard was sure of his understanding of HUMAN
    So is the Queen of Heaven (and Earth!) sure.

  4. Mother Mary has just informed quality mystic Gisella Cardia in ‘Quo Vadis’ on YT that the Consecration has come too late as the war has started and its consequences has to follow…..
    However strong prayer will help in slightly mitigating the chastisements.

    I was shocked that Pope Francis was doing the Consecration
    What is the catch ? Now I know that he knew that this Consecration would be too late and of not much effect. Sad !…….for us !

    Hail Mary Mother most pure conceived without sin Pray for us.

  5. Russia has long ago spread it’s errors and is still doing so. Seems like the horses have left the barn.


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