Francis’ Consecration Of Russia & Ukraine Has DIVIDED Traditional Catholics

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Please review postdon’t excommunicate your brother or sister over a difference of opinion on the efficacy and validity of Francis’ consecration. Instead, learn what the other side is saying. Video: Audio: sources: Fr Isaac

The Fatima Consecration: Will The Bishops Of The Whole Catholic World Participate?

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Please review postThat appears to be up in the air still, which is not good news. Video: Audio: Sources:

BREAKING: Francis Will Consecrate Russia To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary WITH ALL THE BISHOPS Confirmed

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Please review postThe Apostolic Nuncio has sent a letter to the US Bishops confirming this, according to Catholic Family News (link below). Video: Audio: Source: https:// Scroll down to the March 15th post for the theological requirements I mentioned: