The Jesuits In America Declare: God Was Wrong!

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Why are Jesuits like this?




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3 thoughts on “The Jesuits In America Declare: God Was Wrong!

  1. ” Distinguo, distinguo, distinguo . . ” USED to be the rule for ferreting out THE TRUTH . . in debate and in any clarification of an issue. But you, Anthony, have wonderfully employed it here. A great service in Charity, that!
    Regarding the title you’ve given this episode of RTT, we “ear to the rail” Catholics are hard-pressed to recognize a true son of St.Ignatius in these lime-lighter “Jesuits” —not that all “Jebbies” have jumped the rails into etherial meadows and morphed into light-weight butterflies. The traditional and sterner image of “The Pope’s Light Infantry” of the Founder’s original Sons is what I
    was fortunate enough to guide me through boyhood and late teens.
    Back in the ’50s, when I was an altar-boy in our Parish (St.Ursula’s, Chatham, Ontario, Canada) we received the help of
    a Fr.Kreitzar (Not sure of spelling). This spare, wee man was the very personification of kindness, of clear and proper instruction, and . . of solid sermonss. His homilies contained “Stuff”! I was “blown away” even at that early age. Our poor pastor delivered nothing of substance in his homilies. Went to a home for alcoholic Priests later in life.
    Turns out Fr. Kreitzar helped out at the local Polish parish as well during his “off time”. He was a Czech Jesuit who taught Church History in Rome. It’s why my young ears perked up come homily-time at Mass.

  2. Unless I’m not mistaken, “imaginary tiger” in McDermott’s twitter profile distinctly refers to one who engages in the Daddy Martin practices.


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