Francis Warns Of Calamity And Doom Coming For Humanity

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He’s sounding like a Fatimist, which begs a lot of questions.




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3 thoughts on “Francis Warns Of Calamity And Doom Coming For Humanity

  1. As usual w/Francis, who, according to Archbishop Vigano and several others, has ex-comunicated himself as a result of being a public heretic. So why would any true Catholic take him seriously. His recent comments that are filled w/dire warnings to come, are based on our own sinfulness AND THESE, are true but in my opinion have to do w/his involvement in the new one world religion called Chrislam of which he is a founding entity. His comments in regard to forgiveness, brotherhood and acceptance are, in my opinion, a call to transform our Catholic faith into a one world ecumenical new age concept of false pagan worship at best and a diabolical Satanic worship at worst. All this is a preamble to the coming of the AC who will be the ruler of the OWR. Please remember what Jesus said: I have not come to bring peace but the SWORD. Think about this in terms of why He came in the first place which was to DIE SO THAT SIN COULD BE FORGIVEN. Francis is a true deceiver. Nothing he says or does is of Christ and His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

  2. So Francis warns of calamity and doom. And he’s not
    BEING AMBIGUOUS (as usual) even now ?? How
    can the Faithful trust him given his long record ??

    Why doesn’t he, instead, focus on Our Lady’s appellation
    of Juan Diego as “JUANITO”, MY LITTLE SON? . . a
    very real affection of a very real Mother for HER “Juanito”!

    St. Bernadine of Siena, in his “Consecration to St.Joseph”,
    includes: ” . . obtain for me, (St.Joseph), purity of body.
    Through your intercession with Jesus, grant me a spirit
    of sacrifice, of humility, of self-denial, and an intimate
    protect and guard in me . . . ” The EUCHARIST is, and
    will always be, the “Source and Summit” for that.

    In those few lines WE TOO are given the Spiritual DNA
    to become and remain our Heavenly Mother’s “Juanito”
    and “Juanta”.

    “Mental prayer is nothing if not an intimate friendship,
    a frequent conversation, with Him BY WHOM I know
    myself to BE LOVED” —St.Teresa of Avila, her “take”
    on Prayer.

    So, why does Francis scare Hell out of (mostly)
    UNKNOWING Catholic “strays”, instead of introducing
    those same lost sheep to the truth of a REAL and
    LASTING familial relationship with Our Mother and
    her Son ??? With SUCH a relationship in place, doom
    and gloom CAN’T exist, or claim servile fear in a soul.

    Without such a Mother and her true children, a
    Heavenly Father remains mostly a fiction.


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