Vigano SLAMS Francis For Duplicitous Treatment Of Cardinal Zen

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The China deal was bad for everyone except maybe the Church’s treasury.





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One thought on “Vigano SLAMS Francis For Duplicitous Treatment Of Cardinal Zen

  1. ” . . removing these wolves that are in the flock” . . by the sly Head Wolf ? ? . . confirming the brothers in the Faith
    . . the humanist, non-“rigid”, side-walk-“hail, fellow-well-met” faith ?? . . most Catholics of the Western 75 mph
    world, who have never looked into the “no-speed”, “rigid” perennial Church Teaching on Sacred Scripture,
    Doctrine, Magisterial Teaching, and Wisdom of the Saints . . Just last evening my wife and I viewed the Cary Grant/ Audrey Hepburn spy film, “Charade”. What a joke! The “non-rigid” Team Francis. What a joke!

    I really do not know what to expect next from Rome. Re-visiting the essentials of the Faith —ESPECIALLY through
    Fr. Chad Ripperger’s many talks during the last decade [ ] —has turned out to be MORE than
    sufficient “Homework” for this Prairie Grandpa.

    As always, Anthony, many “Thanks!” for this your latest podcast.


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