Critical Update On The Nuns Francis Hammered

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4 thoughts on “Critical Update On The Nuns Francis Hammered

  1. I am grateful to hear that the nuns are going to resist. We are not obliged to obey unjust laws. God bless them. I too will contribute to their cause.

  2. In my mind I now see/understand as St. Peter was told, that if someone rejects our pleas, in this case Bergolglio and his modernist clergy, we are to shake them off, walk away and leave them to God. It’s obvious to me that to continue in this mode of pleading w/o ever being given the courtesy of a response is fruitless. Resisting these modernists must now include action. I pray for these nuns daily and am going to continue to do so but I am also going to support them by sending a donation to their just cause. Faith w/o works of mercy are empty and do not serve justice. These are the many examples of injustice from the counterfeit Francis church of the coming one world religion which, as we all know is the church of the coming Antichrist.

  3. These moves Bergoglio and Carballo are obviously (to my mind)
    the “ecclesiastical” application of Globalist/ Atheist take-over of
    Catholic Traditional (“Rigid”) Religious life. “Federating” Religious
    Houses ?? Communist (CCP) thieves and brigands —”monsters in mitres” (Church Militant) —running roughshod over Christ and
    His Church’s Sovereignty and Hierarchical make-up.

  4. Why would one follow a “leader” who seeks your destruction and not your salvation?


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