The Church Is Shrinking And Francis Is Celebrating It

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Francis repeated Benedict XVI’s prophetic warning of a smaller, poorer Church, but Francis is happy for this turn of events.




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3 thoughts on “The Church Is Shrinking And Francis Is Celebrating It

  1. The most extreme will go where they will while others want to keep their lifestyles and prefer a slower go. I suspect that they will go where the power goes. If authentically minded Catholics wrest power, the squishy middle will go that way, even though they live immorally and do not believe all that the Church teaches. Then they need to be removed.

  2. I think the divide between the modernists in the Novus Ordo Church is really just some of the useful idiots waking up to the purely evil machinations of those at the top. It’s a case of some of the frogs in the pot grumbling amongst themselves that the water seems to be getting warmer.

  3. A powerful prayer I say every day: “Eternal Father, I offer you the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ and all the instruments of His Holy Passion, that you may put division in the camp of your enemies for as your Beloved Son has said, ‘a kingdom divided against itself shall fall.’ ” It appears that we who believe in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church need a holy intervention NOW!


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