Vatican Insider Warns: The Church Is Mired In Chaos While We Wait For A Good Pope

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The interview with Msgr Bux by Diane Montagna has revealed a lot about the concerns in the Roman Curia.




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2 thoughts on “Vatican Insider Warns: The Church Is Mired In Chaos While We Wait For A Good Pope

  1. Since V2, which was a coup by those forces outside the Church who, behind the scenes, conjured and planned that which can only be described as the deliberate demoltion of the true faith. Yes, Satan was enthroned in a Black Mass in St. Paul’s Chapel eight days after the inauguration of Paul Vi on the twin feasts of Sts. Peter and Paul. There is much evidence that validate this horrific event. Fr.Gabriel Amorth, head exorcist at the Vatican, later commented that only a TRUE POPE could exorcise the demon. To date no such exorcism by a true pope has ensued meaning Satan is alive and well within the Vatican and can easily be discerned as being active through the consequences we’ve been living through since V2. Unless/until Satan is exorcised,the Church will continue in its downhill road to perdition taking many souls w/it.

  2. Nicely put together, Anthony, these critically orthodox voices in the Church. This Cardinal “Buck” (?), “Vatican insider”, certainly speaks “from the Rock that is Christ”. My only query now is: will the re-visiting and analysis of Benedict’s resignation being bruited about go ahead? If so —and Benedict XVI’s resignation is found to have been invalid —then the whole of Francis’ work
    (written and verbal output, decisions and “side-walk” humanism, relentless anti-“rigid”/Sacred-
    Deposit-of-Faith revisionism) will thereby collapse as null and void.
    May the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, “pan out” in the final analysis. Here too the Devil will be found “in the details” . . to be Exorcised . . and driven out . . by our prayer and fasting . . our Rosaries, the burrowing into the Earthly Works of no-longer-disguised mitred interlopers.


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