7 thoughts on “Senior Vatican Cardinal Issues Warning About The Secularization Of The Catholic Church

  1. Approved Catholic prophecy states that Rome will become the seat of the Antichrist. I would have to agree. Another approved prophecy states that when Christ comes again for the last time, it begs the question: Will he find the faith? These are becoming more and more worrisome as the days proceed and we have continued to dodge the issue of the presence of satanic forces in the Vatican and the Church and this malicious spirit is growing unabated. Annibale Bugnini, the Masonic bishop hired by Paul Vi, along w/the progressive German clergy at the time and also the Protestant periti were all responsible for what happened at V2 which we all know was patterned after the 1789 French Revolution. It’s purpose was to change Catholicism to become more Protestant so that ecumenism would begin to be perceived as a good thing. That was what we learned. However, is has become much more insidious than that. We are now at the threshold of becoming a secular “religion” w/o any doctrine, dogma or priestly class which means we are now part of the NWO and soon to be revealed a One World Religion. And,yes, it will be diabolical because by that time satan will be its head.

    1. Thank you for explicating the “clear and present” dangers surrounding us! What I am finding to be a sure
      anchor of HOPE is —once again —Bishop Schneider’s recent book on: The Catholic Mass:Steps To Restore
      The Centrality Of God In The Liturgy (2021). His rich historical background in quoting from the “best of the best”
      teachers on the Mass is . . well, to quote FoxNews anchor Sean Hannidy, “You won’t find it anywhere else!”

      Years ago I came across a book on St.Teresa of Avila and building up an INTERIOR CULTURE of Christ, through
      reading. Many are familiar with how important St.John Bosco considered spiritual reading was for the souls of
      his boys! No different now. Bishop Athanasius’ chapter on “The Mass Is Salvation’s Source” is SUCH cool, clean water for our parched souls !! . . it (sorry for the hackneyed phrase) “blows me away !”

      In the reading of the Bishop’s book, I have definitely and definitively been led back HOME, to the Faith of my parents and of my boyhood . . to the Faith of —what surely! —is that “Of Our Fathers”.

      Such complete and wonderful instruction! Francis’ and his “Team”s YEARS of sidewalk humanism and its total
      ABSENCE of Catholic Religious Instruction can make me for even one second return to his cement desert !!!

  2. Anthony, absorbing the couple of minutes into this podcast [ warning v.s. secularization ], I blurt out to myself
    “Francis is Lawless!” But that’s the essence of Marxist Atheism, which runs roughshod over any and all existing
    Law, whether Civil, Ecclesial, Natural, or Divine Positive (Decalogue). When Satan wants to rule he wants it all.
    TheTRAJECTORY, where a new or old decision/ statement leads, is what I “instinctively” hone in on . . which
    leaves this sinner always open to correction. G.K.Chesterton made the point —having entered into the Church —
    that there are a handful of obligatory articles of the Faith which demand our assent and acceptance. After that
    all topics are open to debate.

    Secularization, the horizontal dimension of life and culture being the ONLY dimension acknowledged by the
    World (and now the Church ??), blindly refuses to beg the questions posed by Time and Eternity, Heaven and
    Hell, Redemption/ Salvation and (Eternal) Damnation. If the Church’s Deposit of Faith —on Faith and Morals —
    still remain the foundation measure of Right and Wrong, then the World is in a state of Mortal Sin. Ven. Bishop
    Sheen proclaimed as much, verbally and in writing. The World stands in (dire!) need of Mercy.

    Well, Divine Mercy, now instituted by St.John Paul II, through St.Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament, is available
    “for the taking”. The WORST SINNER (Francis ??) need not hesitate to claim and access that Mercy. Jesus came
    F O R sinners . . yes, especially the very worst. Hopefully they too will “ride on the coat tails” of this super-
    abundant means of “final repentance”.

    Back to secularization, even within the Church: what has happened to the Authority of EACH Bishop over
    HIS ( . . and ONLY his!) flock ?? Last I checked, Bishops (plural) cannot pass off THEIR unique, individual
    Authority to the group, to a Conference or National Conferences of Bishops (plural). Do the German Bishops
    (plural) feel THAT insecure, or THAT proud, that they’ve simplistically elbowed off their Christ-Given mandate
    to “Feed My sheep”?

    More work for we the Faithful, the responsible Laity! Refuse to part “one inch” from the Daily Rosary and
    Reparation of First Saturdays ( called for at Fatima), and First Fridays (called for by the Sacred Heart to
    St.Margaret Mary three and a half centuries ago.

    So, what’s keeping us back? A black sky eclipsing the Sun of Faith, and its Head Christ our Saviour?
    When our kids were still little, our 12 hour trips to visit family and cousins in New Jersey always began by
    “leaving in the darkness”. FAR more exciting that setting off at noon the next day. Why can’t we BIGGER
    Catholic Kids get excited about the current global darkness, and measure up to the GREATER demands
    of Faith? “Perfect love CASTS OUT fear.” The Faith hasn’t changed. Nor the Deposit of Faith, Nor our
    Baptism and its call to living it (Holiness).

    Are we going to let a bunch of bad actors think they can mess things up? Not THIS sinner!

    1. POSTSCRIPT: the following I find a very helpful “supplement”, broadening our understanding and consequent
      interior life into the Heart of the Trinity. Please pursue the whole article by assessing the Madonna House

      Sobornost: Gospel Response to a Polarized World, by Miriam Stulberg – Member of Madonna House

      “Sobornost,” (Servant of God) Catherine (Doherty) wrote, “originates with the Blessed Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are completely one and they draw us to become one with them and with each other. We are to become as united as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

      And, “Sobornost is born in the hearts of people whose prayer life is spent before the Trinity and who become, as time goes on, a reflection of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a unity of mind, heart, and soul.”

      . . . “Sobornost is you and me being melted into God and having the same mind, because our minds are totally plunged into him, melted into him.”

      . . . Sobornost is not “the will of the community,” but God’s will for this community. They are two different things.

      . . . “It rises from the heart of the Most Holy Trinity. It is there that sobornost can be found in its perfection, for there a complete and total unity of minds reigns. One cannot visualize the Father deciding something against the Son, or the Son against the Father, or the Holy Spirit saying, “I’m going to straddle this one” or “I’ll reserve my opinion”.

      . . . “When you love, you serve each other. You put yourself in third place. God comes first, your neighbour second, and then yourself.”

      . . . “Sobornost demands that strange thing that we in the West call ‘dying to self’. But it should be ‘living to self,’ because I am not alive while I am not one with my brethren.”

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        1. Thanks for the “Heads up!”, A.T. Now, are you saying that the “compromiser” is affecting my email site, or
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          Wisdom and the Truth. Bob.


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