BREAKING: Francis Will Consecrate Russia To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary WITH ALL THE BISHOPS Confirmed

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The Apostolic Nuncio has sent a letter to the US Bishops confirming this, according to Catholic Family News (link below).





Scroll down to the March 15th post for the theological requirements I mentioned:

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11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Francis Will Consecrate Russia To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary WITH ALL THE BISHOPS Confirmed

  1. 1) Count on Bergoglio to pull a bait & switch;
    2) Whether Pope Benedict participates or not, the command to the bishops to join HIM is not likely to be forthcoming;
    3) Hold your breath on the 24th: God may not permit the Jesuit idolator to give either the.Church or the world false hope.

  2. With all the evil this man ,“Pope” Francis, has caused since he was accepted by the Roman Conclave , I hope God will accept this consecration.

    1. Mr. Rodney, I believe it “works” the same as the Sacraments do, which, even when a Priest is
      in the state of Mortal sin, still have their effect when that Priest administers a Sacrament ( . . e.g.
      Holy Communion, Absolution, the Last Rites).

      1. Wouldn’t “work,” as you say, if the man leading it be not, in fact, Pope.

        1. Mr. Rodney, in agreement with Bill (3/ 19). “I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this. Pray!” With kafuffle about who’s “in the Chair of
          St. Peter” and real Pope or Fake Pope, I do not count on Bergoglio. I don’t “count on” anyone —their decision is according to their Conscience (formed to Truth, or mal-formed, or murdered).
          I count ONLY on the Divine Mercy, making sure I myself am in the state of Grace, and banking on Christ “the Just Judge” continuing to be “slow to Anger”, and accepting in advance whatever the outcome. “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away: BLESSED BE
          THE NAME OF THE LORD.”

  3. So the man who DENIES that Our Lady should be called co-Redemptrix is going to perform the consecration requested by her??? ARE. YOU. ALL. OUT. OF. YOUR. MINDS?????

    1. Settle down, John me boy! Settle down. Mary’s in charge. Not Frankie. Nor you. Nor I. We (sinners) cannot see beyond the BIG sinners and THEIR (perceived) sins. But God’s Divine Mercy can. So can Mary. The very Purpose and Divine Intent of the Incarnations was TO SAVE sinners . . . piccadillo-type sinners like us, and —EQUALLY — off-the-charts BIG ones, like ( uh,
      Pope Francis?). So, settle down John. Become familiar with St.Faustina’s Diary, which details every (astounding!) aspect of the nature and scope of the Divine Mercy.

    2. God works in mysterious ways. This pope has no use for the Fatima message. I think he skipped or put on the back burner the Fatima 100 year anniversary to honor Martin Luther if I remember correctly. As Anthony said he’d be the unlikely pope chosen by Heaven to do this. The modernists will do whatever he says and the trad bishops, who take the Fatima message seriously, will jump at the opportunity to possibly fulfill Our Lady’s request as instructed. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this. Pray!

  4. Amen, the miracle will no doubt bring about the conversion of the Pope and his bishops who need it the most if the church is to survive these times.

  5. If Francis were in fact an anti-pope, it is highly probable that Pope Benedict XVI would also be participating in this consecration, thereby giving it validity. I would hope that this consecration will bring about Francis’ true conversion.

  6. Good to see your face again, Anthony. On Confession, G.K.Chesterton say something, to the effect, “We come out of
    Confession like a brand new five-year-old, excited about the
    fresh opportunities of God’s wide world.” In fact, his reason for
    ultimately entering the Catholic Church was, “To get rid of my
    sins. Not at all “doom and gloom”. Rather re-enfolded in the Father’s Heart, in the wholesome sphere the Holy Family.
    Your even mentioning “doom and gloom”, Anthony, heads off
    those less-trusting hearts, who tend to find the Divine Mercy almost TOO good to be True. And yet, as a long time server at funeral Masses, the deceased, who chose the “Good Shepherd” Psalm (Psalm 22/23), are too many to be counted, “off the charts” for THAT curve to be flattened!
    “God is a spring of living water which flows unceasingly into the hearts of those who pray.”
    –St. Louis De Montfort


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