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Guest Submission: Is Biblical Literalism Catholic?

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Please review postBy Bill Crofut Some Protestants have been given a label outside my previous experience: “…[T]he Reformers were…“voluntarist” (emphasis mine) as theologians [who] willingly accorded to God the freedom to be unreasonable and inconsistent…God…starts by creating creatures with reason, then He has them use their reason to investigate the nature that He has created, …

Guest Submission: Meditations on the foot of the Cross: A Psalm of Deliverance

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Please review postBy John C. Evans (John’s work can be found here). When all my troubles stand as night, Before the threshing floor of my dreams, When dusk beats grimly on my brow And for my faults, my spirit burrows through fields of harrowing, You, who bear in your palms the living scars Which purchased …