Guest Submission: Poetry By John C Evans

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A Psalm of Supplication and of Praise

By John C. Evans


Anoint O Lord God, my weary soul,

And lead me far from the thorns and flagstones of my wandering.

For you alone, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Are the source and refuge of my spirit’s hungering.

My parched mind in its pale intellect refined,

Is, but dust and ashes compared with Your Eternal magnitude.

For You, O God, are infinite grace,

Whereas I, most wretched man that I am,

Possess nothing unless it be through You.

You, O Lord, are my portion and promise.

Your gates I favor more  than the mansions of The Fool.

Into your city, my feet are bound to trod in wonder,

Before your tabernacle, where Your everlasting vision stands.

Thus, before The Alter, at the point of consecrated mirth,

I behold You arrayed for the banquet, clothed in a sacrificial light,

And without a Word, discover power in Your humility,

evidenced by pierced palms and a brow bedecked by thorns.

In You, my Savior, triumphant in Your scarlet wounds,

In you, Thou Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity,

I have caught the healing fire my heart most craves,

And have learnt in suffering, a share in Your love inexhaustible.

For You bore in Your flesh the cost,

For love of us, your disobedient children yoked to fear,

That by Your stripes, we might hold a hope unconquerable,

That by Your cross, You might dash death and sin, to the four corners of the furnace ,

That we might become partakers with You of the joy of a new Heavens and a New Earth. Amen

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