Guest Submission: Poetry By Eddie

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It’s ominous friends, She doesn’t smile anymore.

It breaks my heart, I am shaken to my very core.

Since St. Bernadette, the last one to see Her smile.

We’ve all lost our minds, marinating, hallucinating with guile.

They suffer the little one’s with lies, steering them into a wreck.

Its a self fulfilling fate, billions of millstones, hanging on their necks.

No new generations, we’ve done it, all will face it now.

Chastisement is needed, we’re snowflakes, and God is the plow.

Billions will die, in the time frame of Jesus’s betrayal, torture, crucifixion, and rise.

Total darkness, no sun, no moon, no stars in the skies.

Natures inverted, take precautions, light your candles with matchsticks.

The survivor’s won’t see it, drapes closed, praying to their crucifix.

Rosaries in their hands, they’ll come out, to build a new life.

Evil purged for a time, the purified ones, will live with no strife.



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