Guest Submission: A Tribute To Pope St. Pius X

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by Nwaeze Ugomaria
Quid est Veritas?
Quid est Caritas?
Wondering hearts lament
in this exile of tears.
Shaken with fear and trembling
at the thought of justice satisfied.
How can God love so truly,
for I now know the sacred books lie.
For as God, I will make men shiver with devotion,
vengeance is rightly mine alone.
Men should honour me mustly,
myself cloud their minds like dome,

But Alas! I am not Him.
only the commended servant of scheme,

For in taking out the Sacred Heart,
I put mine made of steel.
Why is His love so true?
I have tried to mix tender with cruel.
For my heart breeze cold,
but His breeds souls.
Permit me to make this comparison
and put my soul at ease,
for my actions I former think pious
b'cos of the heretics I've hung,

is faced with one truly Pius,
now the heresies are gone.

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