Francis Is Trying To Destroy Archbishop Georg Ganswein

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The archbishop, friend and secretary of Benedict XVI, said Benedict ‘made a mistake’ in his resignation.




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3 thoughts on “Francis Is Trying To Destroy Archbishop Georg Ganswein

    1. Were you aware that Archbishop Ganswein was visiting the United States from Nov 3 – 7? He was in PA in private events.

  1. [ all emphases mine ]

    So, where does this leave Faithful, practising,
    ordinary [ NOT frightened or angered OUT of
    the Church ! ] Catholics in THEIR relationship
    and devotion to the EUCHARIST?

    For them it leaves Christ still firmly nailed to
    His Cross by many of the Church’s leaders.

    The current, on-going Passion of Our Lord.

    Let’s not ONLY fast and pray for the wars
    going on in Ukraine and, now, in Gaza, but
    also in reparation for the Real Presence, for
    so many people’s unbelief [ including Synod
    of Synodality praticipants ??? ] in the Body,
    Blood, Soul, and Divinity brought about in
    each Mass.

    Elsewhere in the news last week two little
    boys —a six-year-old [Italy?] and a nine-
    year-old [ USA?] —each with a terminal
    illness, were given to be JOYFUL friends
    with Jesus, who would converse with them
    and even share His passion [ two thorns
    from His crown (as with St. Rose of Lima)]
    as a GIFT. Again, both these special friend-
    ships were a JOYFUL experience, before
    Jesus called each youngster to Himself
    given the “TERMINAL” nature of their



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