Cardinal Warns Of “Hostile Takeover” Of The Church While The Heretics Celebrate

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Cardinal Muller’s infamous talk with Raymond Arroyo is causing quite the stir in the Church.




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One thought on “Cardinal Warns Of “Hostile Takeover” Of The Church While The Heretics Celebrate

  1. Anthony, lonely ?? . . out here in Prairie land? Nope! A most vibrant (sorry, I hate
    that word!) and growing Ordinairiate Parish here ( St.John Evangelist, NE Calgary,
    Alberta, Canada). Young families outnumber Seniors. Plenty of kids, crying,
    crying out, and well-behaved.

    Let’s take not of some tell-tale quotes: “synodality DOES NOT appear in conciliar
    documents”. Right! It’s a human mental construct. ” .. to prolong .. the SPIRIT OF”
    VII. What ?? The SAME “spirit” which willy-nilly launched decades of CONFUSION ??
    To “foster in the People of God”: Foster? That’s psychobabble. It does not signify
    TEACHING! . . and, whose “God”? “Appropriation of its teaching”: i.e. stolen from
    the Sacred Deposit of Faith, combined with “teachings”/ fosterings of the Council
    of the (Vatican II) Journalists.

    Next, they always pack their sentences with redundant words: ” .. drawn together
    IN COMMUNION by .. ” How about SIMPLY: ” .. drawn together”. Talking through
    their scull caps, they are, their Zucchettos .. an Ecclesial “pasta dish”? . . including
    a contrived “christ” and his “brand new church-in-the-making”? Delectable. No
    pain. No Cross. NO GAIN!

    One more thing: ” .. to dream and to build (back better?), does one dream and
    build when adoring the Blessed Sacrament? No. One remains STILL. Beholds
    JESUS there .. who inspires and disposes an adorer towards “the Way, the Truth
    the Life” and not towards some “synodal pathway”.

    Finally, “going forward” . . they’re always “goin’ forward” . . so long as their
    “tank” is full of gas ( Church funds). Can’t wait to catch up with the World.

    “What a load of nonsense!” .. good conclusion, Anthony.

    Over and out. “Hermit without a permit”.


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