Modernists Declare Faithful Bishop Part Of ‘Devil’s Duo’ In Retaliation

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2 thoughts on “Modernists Declare Faithful Bishop Part Of ‘Devil’s Duo’ In Retaliation

  1. Apology gladly accepted; we APPRECIATE your lateness,
    Anthony. Your podcasts can wait only so long !

    Here’s from your prophetic mentor, Hilaire Belloc, who
    pretty well “paints” TODAY’S “picture” way back in 1938
    that’s: NINETEEN-THIRTY-EIGHT, on the eve of
    WW II.

    ” . . the quarrel is between the Church and anti-Church
    [ I wonder if John Paul II quoted Belloc when this Pope
    warned us of the same during his Pontificate ], the
    Church of God and anti-God, the Church of Christ and
    The truth is becoming every day so much more obvious
    that WITHIN A FEW YEARS (!) it will be universally admitted.
    I do not entitle the modern attack ‘anti-Christ’, though in
    my heart I believe that to be the true term for it. No, I do
    not give it that name because it would seem for the moment
    [ 1930s ] exaggerated. But the name doesn’t matter.
    Whether we call it ‘The Modern Attack’ or ‘anti-Christ’ it
    is all one; THERE IS A CLEAR ISSUE now joined
    TRADITION, and AUTHORITY on the one side, and
    the ACTIVE EFFORT TO DESTROY THEM on the other.

    The modern attack will not tolerate us. It will attempt to
    destroy us. NOR CAN WE TOLERATE IT. We must
    attempt to destroy it as being the fully equipped and ardent
    enemy of the Truth by which men LIVE. The duel is
    to the DEATH.” —The Great Heresies, 1938, Sheed & Ward/
    Cavalier Books, Milwaukee, 2015, ch. 7, “The Modern Phase”.

    “Mother of the Americas, St. Michael and all Heavens’ Cohorts,
    lead us in battle!”

  2. Traditionalists are “sinfully disloyal to the Church and the Council” as MAGA Republicans are “a threat to American Democracy.” * Francis and his minions are sinfully disloyal to the Incarnate Word of Almighty God. But projecting is what Lefties do, and since he has, more than any pope before him, politicized the papacy, I make no apologies for pointing out that ideologues of the Left always, ALWAYS project their failings onto those who oppose them. They’ve got no reasonable defense of what they do, so they lie, they get others to lie for them, or they use a string of vile vulgarities in your face. That wouldn’t be becoming for a pope, so he’ll just stick with lying and pretending he’s doing the will of God and the work of the Holy Spirit, and we are just disobedient and vindictive sinners and–wait for it—HATERS.


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