Francis Is Going To “Canonize” Non-Catholic “Saints”

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4 thoughts on “Francis Is Going To “Canonize” Non-Catholic “Saints”

  1. p.s. Anthony, I didn’t pick up from this podcast who were
    the non-Catholic “saints” Pope Francis was/ is going to

  2. How can Pope Francis —”Supreme Authority of the Church
    itself” —canonize yet two more LEGITIMATE Saints ( Artemide
    Zatti and Giovanni Battista Scalabrini) if he’s proven himself
    to be a modernist Pope, who’s foundation is AMBIGUITY
    instead of CERTITUDE ??

    Sacraments, Holiness, (heroic) Virtue, and Eternity have
    gone into eclipse.

    The Cross-without-Christ was lived out by a severely
    persecuted Church during 70 years of Soviet Communism
    . . leaving its materialist legacy of “mountains of corpses”.
    Bergoglio’s false christ and false church will leave a legacy
    of un-numbered souls . . floating in that sea of fire described
    by Our Lady of Fatima? . . Hell, where poor sinners go who
    have no one to pray for them . . ?

    Anti-scholar Jorge refuses to acknowledge the difference
    between Christ’s SACRED HUMANITY —which permeates
    the WHOLE CHRIST, “Christ yesterday, today, and FOREVER” —
    and his “sidewalk humanism”. His foundational ambiguity, a
    contradiction in essence, leaves everything he says and does
    victim to potential future cancellations . . like so much dust
    swept off of Vatican porticos. Fortunately, immanentism
    —government by subjective feeling and opinion —doesn’t
    “at the end of the day” RULE the Church, although, like
    4th Century Arianism, it holds sway globally.

    ” . . We are living today [ 20th century ] under a regime of
    heresy, with only THIS to distinguish it from other periods
    of heresy: that the heretical spirit has become generalized
    and appears in VARIOUS FORMS . . I have in the following
    pages talked of ‘ the MODERN’ attack, because some
    name must be given to a thing before one can discuss it
    at all. . . ( but ) not until the conflict between the MODERN
    anti-Christian spirit and the PERMANENT TRADITION
    OF THE FAITH becomes acute enough THROUGH
    PERSECUTION and triumph or defeat thereof . . It will
    then perhaps be called ANTI-CHRIST” —Hilaire Belloc,
    The Great Heresies, 1938, “Introduction (conclusion)”.
    ISBN 978-0895554758,

    Elsewhere, Belloc notes that ” . . HERESIES SURVIVE
    on the TRUTHS they contain.”

  3. I read a prophecy long back where Jesus
    says ” wrong canonizations will be taking place….”

    Queen and Mother of the Last Times
    Snatch us out of the clutches of Evil 😈


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