4 thoughts on “Holy Priest Accuses Francis Of Heresy, Demands He Resign

  1. If someone is telling Francis to knock it off and he doesn’t that means he teaches heresy knowingly.

  2. Thank you for bringing this FAIR and HONEST and COMPLETE
    assessment of Pope Francis out of the fog of Curial cowardice!

    ” . . agree with (Fr. Pellegrini)?” . . took the words right out of
    my mouth! . . that is to say, for the FIRST time we hear TRUE
    “straight talk”, which the Laity and the Clergy have rightfully
    expected and been owed from the beginning of this unstable,
    inconstant Pontificate.

    How can opponents of Christ and His Church —once they
    have spurned “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” —how can
    they carry on, day by day, with a self-accusing diabolical
    nattering, grumbling, and fretting going on in their murdered
    consciences ??

    Fr. PELLEGRINI, your family name already suggests the
    way out of this tail-chasing charade. Thank you for your
    “broadside”. The spirit of Lepanto hovers over this joining
    of the battle, thus restoring even the possibility of a good
    laugh after the smoke settles.

  3. Thanks be to God for Fr. Pellegrini and all those truly Catholic clergymen who are in lock step w/his views and his request that Bergoglio step down. Why am I wholeheartedly in support of this priest? Because he is speaking and ACTING AS ANOTHER CHRIST WHO DID NOT COME IN THE FLESH TO LIVE BUT TO DIE ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SALVATION AND FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS. There is only one true God and that is Jesus Christ, it’s time for us Catholics to honor Him in spirit and in truth. Pax Christi


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