Cardinal Burke Issues Challenge To Francis On Key Issue

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Directly contradicting Francis and explaining how he is wrong with evidence is a dangerous thing for most of these prelates, except for the retired ones.




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6 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke Issues Challenge To Francis On Key Issue

  1. Well done again Anthony and thank you.
    One thing struck me in the quotes you high light from Gorge Bergoglio.
    The quote is ‘I have never denied anyone Holy Communion even when I was a priest’, or words to that effect.
    Sorry I’m an old man and not good with technology so might have that quote wrong but it’s close so, is Gorge telling us he is no longer a priest?
    Just saying!!!!
    God bless.

    1. ok! Have checked the quote and he says “since I was a priest”
      “was” is past tense isn’t it?
      Viva Cristo Rey.
      God bless.

  2. What is horrible is that ALL of these members of this non-synod — who are mortally wounded unhealed obstinate sinners — were uncorrected & supported by others who never wished to be healed of sin. Talk of mercy as medicine and the Church as a field hospital when the would be physicians never perform surgery nor administer the necessary medicine, but are nothing more than spiritual candystripers who come to bring balloons and fluff pillows.

  3. [ all emphases mine ]

    Receiving the Body and Blood of Our Lord in Holy
    Communion ISN’T . . “a language of beauty” nor “a
    harmony of unity and plurality” (@11:38). Rather,
    it is DOING what Jesus stated clearly: “Unless YOU
    eat MY Body and Drink MY Blood YOU can have
    NO Life in YOU.” ( see Jn 6: 54 )

    Indeed, “word salad”, best describes this
    reduction of ACTUAL RECEPTION of Holy
    Communion—by Catholics —into a wordy

    OF COURSE . . God loves the whole of creation.
    OF COURSE . . God loves every single creature
    and human being.

    But the “IN A SPECIAL WAY” is Jesus’ foregoing
    His Divinity, becoming Man, buying back and
    securing our right to Life-after-death . . BY His
    Sacrifice on Calvary.

    His Death overcame ALL death. Our “Ticket”
    to the “Christ-Life” and to Eternal Salvation is
    Baptism and its follow-up: LIVING the
    Sacramental Life, assisting at Calvary’s re-
    enactment at every [ apostolic ] Mass.

    Merely SAYING, “I’m special, you’re special, every
    body’s special . . ” cancels the very word
    [ “special” ] and its meaning.

    “Feeling-good” —detached from “the rest of
    the day” —has no place in BEING a follower of

    ALLOWING HIM to accompany us —meditating on
    the Scriptures; receiving the Eucharist [with humility
    and love]; a smile while easing a Neighbour’s
    burden —does take centre stage in our discipleship.

  4. The modernists do not talk about the sacrament as Our Lord but as “it” and as a social construct. The book is a chase after horse who left the barn and is now across the pasture.

    1. This is such a great concise response! One of the primary spiritual works of mercy is to correct the erring. Those who do nor correct the erring but who hate truth only wish to damn their victims.


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