7 thoughts on “Cardinal Zen SHREDS Francis’ Synod of Sin

  1. [all emphases mine ]

    Thank you, Anthony. Indeed, Cardinal Zen is truly
    THE VOICE of every descent Catholic. Whereas the
    synodal church’s ministry of propaganda —@5:20 —

    Cardinal Zen CAN’T be sure of what the synod is
    really about, because the very nature of AMBIGUITY
    —a.k.a. Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis’ whole
    pontificate —is: “nothing final”; “everything always
    up for ENDLESS human “mental pecking at”’.

    Latino-Dictator Francis is anti-DIVINE Revelation,
    because ain’t no OTHER Dictator gonna boss me
    around, Tutcho! [ . . but to worry, Dear Francis.
    we in our family raise you up to Heaven morning
    and evening. NO ambiguity in those prayers [ the
    Morning Offering; the daily Rosary ].

    So, Cardinal Zen —like all CLEAR-HEADED Faithful
    Catholics —calla a spade “a spade”. There is
    nothing ambiguous in the Cardinal calling out
    an elitist Vatican gathering rife with ambiguity,
    i.e. the opinions OF THE MOMENT.

    The “Ghost”Of St. Pius X — the TRUE Holy
    Spirit —is back. He’s ready to don the same big ‘ol
    boxing gloves that he was ready-and-itching to
    put on AND PUNCH OUT pig-headed Modernists
    cropping up all around him back in 1907. Pious
    and God-fearing Mama Serto didn’t raise no
    mewling whiner in her future-Pope-son
    St. Pius X.

  2. Most Loved Anthony,

    The observations attributed to Cardinal Zen are refreshing . His suggestion that coffee and cookies might be of benefit to The Holy Spirit’s action is novel. His suggestion is deserving of humorous consideration .
    While Rome may not have a Dunkin Doughnuts , there are certainly great espresso and pastry shops. I suggest a collection to act on Cardinal Zen’s inspiration and order up a complementary gift of “traditional” pastries and latte to “awaken” those in attendance .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

    1. Dear Raphael,

      Much as Prairie Grandpa here ALSO loves
      his early morning coffee [ Tim Horton’s,
      which is as universal here in Canada as Dunkin’
      Donuts is in America . . in fact, its my other
      name for “Canada” ], AND the “Healer Angel”,
      Raphael [ who had much to do with the
      “miraculous” (my doctor’s term) QUICK
      recovery from stage IV colon cancer surgery
      on his feast day, Sept. 29, back in 2004 ],
      he took note of a dominant element in the
      culture before and after the turn of the
      Century [ 1900 ]: pugilism, BOXING! . . to
      which Giussepi Sarto [ St. Pius X ] was no

      1. Hey Prarie Grandpa,
        Yes “BOXING”. In Raphael spiritual language that is healing prayer and that is deliverance prayer ( exorcism – spiritual warfare ) . FYI in 2004 I was asked to lead a healing prayer group. As a physician that seemed a “natural” fit – but I really had no idea on how that would be done ? I learned rather soon that a healing prayer warrior is “active” only to the extent there is a willful intention to allow the Holy Spirit guide the prayer and allow His Angels to throw the punches . For what it’s worth I use my religious name Raphael as a lay consecrated Trinitarian of Mary. I asked Mother Lillie for a name upon my vow , I pray my prayer is in keeping with those assignments that Raphael is tasked to complete in His service .

          1. Hey Prarie Gramps,

            I know you know your history by your succinct comments. I share with you a “prophecy” by I think a Catholic ? I heard, at least on one occasion ( video watching ) that Bo is a Catholic. I think he may well be a prophet akin to Marian seers. He certainly has a talent to piece the pieces of the puzzle together to an extent that seems Holy Spirit driven ( disclaimer, I think he also is a gold/silver advisor ) . That said , this is very interesting, as he did this video before the end of the Feast of Tabernacles.


          2. Scott,

            Know history? . . um, perhaps. But money,
            finance, and prophecy have never been “my thing”.
            The ONLY prophecies that have sunk deep roots
            in Grandpa Bob are those originating from Fatima,
            1917, and, before that, Our Lady forecasting
            the moral mess of the 1st half 20th Century . .
            in 1610 [ to a religious Nun in Equador ]. I
            would also include Our Lady of Lasalette’s
            warnings in 1846.

            All other prophecies I don’t touch, even though
            RtT has brought many to our attention.

            Money, finance, the stock market etc. ? . .
            never been my cup of java.

            Let’s just say I’ve learned to “Bank” my
            “money” in “St. Joseph’s Savings Bank”,
            especially in:

            “St. Joseph, lover of POVERTY, pray for

            Our financial institution is a local Credit
            Union. They’ve got yellow stickers on
            their entrance windows: “Gold Backed”.

            I they go bust —as your fast-talking Bo
            guy seems to imply —well, we’ll just have
            to grow more produce in our garden,
            and volunteer at a soup kitchen.

            I really do NOT know, but continue to
            trust the daily Rosary and LIVE our
            Catholic Faith —the Sacramental Life —
            according to “the Grace of the Moment”.

            Look up Ste. Thérèse’s “Song of Today”.

            Have a GOOD day, Scott. Or as Padre
            Pio always advised: “Pray, Hope, and
            Don’t worry”.

            Fellow Pilgrim,
            Grandpa Bob

            Let’s just


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