Nighty Night Baby Tobin Refuses To Answer Basic Questions About The Synod

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Synodality is supposed to make everyone feel welcome, except for those rigid trads of course.




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3 thoughts on “Nighty Night Baby Tobin Refuses To Answer Basic Questions About The Synod

  1. Most Loved Anthony ,

    In an acknowledgment of your observations , a questioning of the voiced statements made by the “greatest” , you are again 💯.

    Cardinal Tobin, as you report , took pleasure to illuminate how one parish priest , to paraphrase spoke “ I didn’t know at the “time” I was wrong , BUT now I realize the “good” which came from the closure of my parish “

    That, to me , says it all !!!

    The synod of sin is then a “round table” by which those invited are asked to “listen” to those invited . It is a “self fulfilling prophecy” on the part of princely air manipulation. Consider , you have some of the greatest minds of theology asked to sit down and “listen” to those who believe they are the “greatest” !!! The Pharisees of our “time” have embraced a discussion with a predetermined outcome . The “St.Paul’s” in attendance, eyes open, awake , can only evangelize from the side lines . They are “delegated” to “listen” , to that which the prince of the air air desires to force down their throats. YET , their throats are vocal and their voice is reaching out to His Church.

    The “outcome” of synodality will be in keeping with His Will . The Holy Spirit is a “two edged sword “. It cuts to reveal the hearts and minds of men .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  2. Than you for posting, Anthony.

    @7:00 ff WHO, during the Council’s deliberations,
    brought “revolution into the Catholic Church” ??
    Not Cardinal Ottaviani; he was “cancelled” very
    early on.

    It was the “Rhineland rebels”, led by Rahner and
    “ghost” evolutionist Teilhard de Chardin, ultimately
    evolved into freethinking Pope Francis’s freefeeling
    Synod activated just this past week.

    Prairie Grandpa here A V O I D S this homogenized
    collection of discussers.

    Cardinal Tobin, from his response —and “tone of
    voice” — to Diane Montagna, seems to be treating
    “that Mass” [ and its adherent Faithful ]as if it
    were some old FASHIONED man-made brew . . no
    longer in FASHION.

    If follows that Hannibal Bugnini’s “Novus Ordo” Mass
    is also a man-made Brew, only “Light”, not “Lager”
    [ TLM ].

    This monkeying around with the Church’s rubrics
    and meanings totally cancels the Real Presence,
    true belief in it. Christ’s Last Supper has been
    exchanged for MAKE-BELIEF, i.e., feelings ABOUT
    any part of the Church’s Sacred Deposit of Faith
    trumping Christ’s ” . . go, make disciples of all
    Nations, teaching ALL that I have COMMANDED

    Looks like we’re seeing the DEIFICATION of “the
    personal journey of individuals”.


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