Canonization Of Benedict XVI BLOCKED By HERETIC Bishops

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Yes, lets wait to canonize him if its warranted. But their reasons aren’t exactly noble for blocking him getting the same treatment JP2 received




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4 thoughts on “Canonization Of Benedict XVI BLOCKED By HERETIC Bishops

  1. Yes, Nancy your empathy and sadness are shared by many!
    But we MUST NOT allow evil men to uproot our Baptismal Faith
    & the Peace [ which ONLY Jesus can give . . see: The
    Psychology of Demons, Fr. Ripperger & Chris Stepinac —Youtube]
    Rather . . .

    ” . . ( @6: 20 ff ) If Benedict’s a Saint then he’s in Heaven
    ALREADY! He can intercede for you ALREADY! You just
    need to start praying for his intercession [ even, AS you
    read this! ]

    A very fundamental CATHOLIC point well made, Anthony!

    Retired Pastor Tschuschke has “long considered Pope
    Benedict a Saint” . . as have countless of the Faithful who 
    —with NO official prompting — will NOT CEASE to seek
    Benedict XVI’s intercession.

    So, yes, following Roland Noé’s urging, ” . . let’s call
    him. Let’s pray for our Church. Let’s read his great
    writings again”.

    a very good start!

    1. Yes, very good reflections and comments. If Joseph Ratzinger could do a 180 on Vatican II to become a champion of Tradition, therés hope for us all yet. Let’s pray, pray for Pope Benedict and to him now.

  2. The canonization process used now is not even 500 years old, so it is not all that traditional. It was introduced as a defense against the attack on the cult of the saints, to escape the accusation that the church just makes up stories and miracles.

  3. This is yet another heartbreaking story. One of the saddest aspects of all this is the fact that Pope Benedict XVI was NOT able to resist the wolves inside the Curia and the hierarchy and we, the flock are being openly savaged by these evil men in their attempt to destroy the Church. God have mercy on Pope Benedict’s soul and grant him eternal rest.


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