Benedict’s Secret Letter: The Time Of The AntiChrist is Here?!

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The system of the AntiChrist is being set up.




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3 thoughts on “Benedict’s Secret Letter: The Time Of The AntiChrist is Here?!

  1. . . . unless there’s a G L O B A L blitz advertising: “USE YOUR
    CASH ! Your Bank has lots! Don’t let your INVISIBLE personal
    digital data (on every plastic “card”!) BLIND YOU TO who
    WILL ALSO own it if you CONTINUE to use your CONVENIENT
    OUT-OF-SIGHT-OUT-OF-MIND credit card! Chinafication WILL
    be a “done-deal” if you choose to remain ignorant and blind.”

  2. You can see the writing on the wall. Cash will soon be replaced with digital money and you will need to carry a digital identity with you to buy or sell.

  3. (@9:00 ff ) ” .. the INSTITUTION ALONE is of no use if
    there are not also the PEOPLE to support it .. to revitalize
    the Faith FROM WITHIN .. ”

    The one real thorn in Hitler’s side was “the Lion of Münster”
    . . Count Clemens Augustinus Graf (plus SIX MORE names
    including St. Joseph !) von Galen, bishop of Münster. He led
    Catholic protests against Nazi euthanasia, denounced Gestapo
    lawlessness and persecution of the Church. He was made
    Cardinal by Pope Pius XII, and was beatified by Pope
    Benedict XVI.

    Being of the German Nobility and of an ancient German
    upper-class family, von Galen used the pulpit and distributed
    his sermons to broadside Hitler and his regime, thus
    informing and warning his congregations to conscientiously
    object to their home-grown murderous Dictator. University
    student Sophie Scholl and her collaborators did the same
    thing, using pamphlets. But, being “small potatoes”, in
    the end, fell victim to the sadistic Nazi ax men.

    Von Galen they wouldn’t touch, except to mark him down
    for execution AFTER Hitler “had won the war”. Meanwhile,
    von Galen successfully forced Hitler’s T4 Euthanasia
    Program —the killing of any and all “useless eaters”,
    non-Aryan, human “defectives” by a-moral doctors —
    to go underground until war’s end. Over 200,000 victims,
    in five killing centres. This program was at the same
    time an experimental “project” [ uh . . sound familiar
    you Covid colluders?] out of which were developed
    the Nazi “concentration” camps with their quick-fix
    gas “showers” and “finishing” ovens.

    Living in the times of the Anti-Christ, Anthony, as you
    have far more than “hinted at” in this podcast, we too
    stand in need of leaders like Cardinal von Galen and
    student leader Sophie Scholl, who EFFECTIVELY
    spoke AND acted.

    Blessed Bishop von Galen, pray for us, for
    Pope Francis, and for the Church!


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