Saturday: Details Emerge About Francis Latest Scheme, Plus More On Chardin

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News video: Francis gives us more details about Laudato Si 2: Modernist Boogaloo/

Teaching video: the Vatican’s formal condemnations of Teilhard de Chardin





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4 thoughts on “Saturday: Details Emerge About Francis Latest Scheme, Plus More On Chardin

  1. The POWER used by the modernist “ape of the Church” in their continual invocation of the name of St. Francis for their heretical and sacrilegious deeds has to do with the fact that it was revealed back in the 13th century that it is St. FRANCIS of Assisi, “the humblest of all men”, that now occupies the seat once occupied by the archangel Lucifer at the LEFT hand of God, prior to his FALL for the unrepentant sin of PRIDE.

    This is the missing piece of the puzzle that keeps you from totally understanding the motivations behind “MODERNIST” Rome. [eg the Franciscan order’s promotion of the false apparition at Medjugorje, the heretical teachings taught by Franciscan University, the sacrilegious “prayer service” held by JPII at Assisi, etc etc)

    1. ScD: this is starting to look like a real need
      developing for in-depth scholarship on the
      whole [ REAL ] Poverello [ St. Francis of
      Assisi ] story, which, in turn, will demand
      a final —maybe ANNUAL —conference,
      synod [ ? ], gathering equal to the one
      on “synodality”. I mean, the archives on
      the Poverello are humungous ! !

      Why not instead develop a devotion to
      the PASSION OF CHRIST, as the Saint
      himself did.

      The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary
      would be a good start.

      Fr. Chad Ripperger’s detailed and clearly
      “unpacked” mysteries of Our Lady of
      Sorrows, and her immediate practical
      help in identifying and tackling one’s
      own key faults, working on the pertinent
      VIRTUE . . would keep one focussed on
      a love for Christ in His Pasison.
      Fr. Ripperger on Our Lady of Sorrows and Healing.

  2. Sept. 2023: @5:30 ff ” . . St. Francis of Assisi—the
    12th century saint know for his concern for the poor
    and the environment.”

    FROM: page 128, Heart Of The Redeemer, by Timothy
    T. O’ Donnell, S.T.D [ of Christendom College, Front
    Royal, Virginia ] 1989, Manassas Press, Virginia;
    1992, Ignatius Press, San FRANCISCO.

    ” . . on October 4, 1673, Christ gave St. Francis of
    Assisi to (St.) Margaret (Mary Alacoque) as her
    ‘ On the feast of St. Francis, OUR LORD let me
    see in prayer this great saint, clad in a garment of l
    ight and unspeakable brilliance. He had been raised
    above the other saints to an extraordinarily high
    degree of glory, because his life WAS SO LIKE
    life of our souls and the love of our hearts. His
    glory was the reward of HIS GREAT LOVE FOR
    THE PASSION OF OUR LORD, a love which rendered
    him worthy of the sacred stimata and made him
    one of the great favourites of Jesus’ Heart. By a
    very special favour he had been given great power
    in applying to the faithful the merits of the Precious
    Blood, a power which made him in a sense the
    mediator of this treasure.

    After I had seen all this, the Divine Bridegroom,
    as a token of his love, gave me St. Francis as
    my soul’s guide. He was to lead me through all
    the pains ans sufferings which awaited me. ‘ ”

    —quoted on page 128, from A. Hamon, “Vie
    de la Bienheureuse Marguerite-Marie” [ Paris:
    Gabriel Eauchamps & Cie, 1908, p.125 ]

    And, I suppose, with that kind of love for the
    Passion of Christ, even the animals and birds
    and “Guido” the repremanded wolf would
    be drawn to St. Francis’ preaching.

    1. Further context: ” . . Christ gave . . as her guide when
      she received the five great visions of His Sacred
      Heart, and was called on to promote this brand
      new Devotion in the Church. The Hierarchy of Poland
      were the first to formalize this devotion for the
      Faithful be creating and official Liturgy for the feast.


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