Bishop Athanasius Schneider Speaks: We Must Defend Tradition and Resist Modernism

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The wicked in positions of power may hold offices and can pass laws, but if they are unjust you have no duty to submit to them.




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  1. Steven Cornett

    What is needed is not merely a community to defend the faith from the modernist heresy that, if it prevails, would turn Catholicism into a therapeutic deistic community sing-session or, given the culture outside the Church, a community mindfulness session to help the slaves be happy having nothing (as the minders of the “great reset” would have us).

    This means we need not just laity and priests to band together but bishops to stand up and be prelates.

    1. Jay Hochstedt

      The laity are far out in front of the mission to keep the Faith and, as a priest said last year, are the ones who really keep Tradition going, demanding new parishes, more priests, more bishops. But the false prelates are looking to choke the life out of the channels of grace. They will fail, but only when it is universally recognized that the Curia and the bishops’ conferences are all “bands of robbers”, as St Augustine called criminal governments & tyrants who ruled them.


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