They’re Openly Calling For Changing The Faith At The Synod

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Replacing the natural law with secular and Marxist notions of justice will annihilate the integrity of Catholicism.




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3 thoughts on “They’re Openly Calling For Changing The Faith At The Synod

  1. Anthony; Thank you for the continued deep digging on the Sinod (my misspelling of choice), IMO this is one of your best presentations and analysis. You summed it up as “Apostasy”, a good friend of mine summed up the Church overview to me yesterday as “Rome is burning”. If the fruit of this evil apostate debacle isn’t all out schism, it will certainly result in something like a schism, which is basically already here, but just waiting for some heretical stamps of approval.
    These determined forces ignore and forget one solemn promise of Our Lady who reassured us, “…in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph”
    So, go ahead guys, give it your best shot. See how that works out for you in the end.
    Ave Maria

  2. “Abstract” labels?? Nonsense! . . concrete NON-labels,
    denoting LIVE [ and offending ] situations and

    “Inclusion” is a FALSE concept by the revolutionaries.
    ALL Baptized people were INCLUDED in the Body
    of Christ.

    Those who are EX-communicated — set OUTSIDE
    the Church by CHRIST-founded Authority—are
    intended to experience EXCLUSION so as to be
    drawn back into full Communion. The rest of the
    Faithful are protected INSIDE the “Safety Net”
    of the Sacramental Life . . to be faithfully, even
    heroically, lived.

    But the current revolutionaries? . . no depth.
    No “deep into” Christ and His Church, HIS
    History . . redacted into lifeless rigidity.

    In short . . no suffering, no real pain [ wars,
    hunger, violent enemy occupation à la The
    Vatican Life Line by Lt. Wm Simpson & 4
    others; Nazi occupation of Rome, 1942 ff ]
    . . except for their victims, in this case we
    the Baptized, faithful to the Sacred Deposit of
    the Faith . . to ALL of it.

    “There can be no love without suffering” says Ste.
    Thérèse of Lisieux. Looks like the slandered victims
    of these revolutionaries are the TRUE LOVERS of
    Holy Mother Church.

    The “Revos” are WELL-FED interlopers. They speak
    from a “horizontal”, physically-visible plane ONLY.
    Supernatural Reality has been rendered “invalid”,
    and is no longer accessed or factored in, because
    it has been “cancelled” in favour of an Earthly
    paradise and “salvation”.

    Let’s offer up another Mass, for a lacerated Body of

    St. Joseph, Mary Queen Mother of Heaven, and St.
    Michael, terror of Demons, pray for the Church,
    pray for us !


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