Bishops Publicly Refuse To Admit The Devil Is Real

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Once Satan is removed from the faith it all becomes incoherent.




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4 thoughts on “Bishops Publicly Refuse To Admit The Devil Is Real

  1. Dear Mr.Stine,

    Thank you . Your reporting takes us to the CRUX of the matter . It seems the bishop invited us to gaze at the cross and understand its purpose and meaning by his “way”. The foundational heretic failure is an encouragement to accept the temptation of the prince of air that suggests the vocalization “you hurt me” . This is because of rebelliousness that prefers not to listen to Jesus’s words from the cross.

    1st He said “It is finished “
    – God defeated death and overcome evil ( yes there is evil ).
    2nd He said “ Behold your Mother”
    -yes He obliged us to take Her under our care as She has been chosen to crush the snakes head with Her heel.
    3rd He said “ This day you will be in paradise “
    -His words belie there is a “non” paradise
    (hell) for all those who might choose to go there
    4th He said “I thirst”
    -He spoke His desire to save every soul with His gift of Mercy as arrives with forgiveness to anyone who might ask.
    5th He said “forgive them for they know not what they do “
    – he did not ask “agree with them” as might
    accompany forgiveness – He did say “Go and sin no more “ – “Pride Day “, in recognition of a sin which can be forgiven, was not the solution . He told his priests, to paraphrase, “what sins you retain are retained and what sins you forgive are forgiven”

    That said , at issue for the synod , is the push to allow for sin without confession or repentance – it asks that baptismal vows be
    made obsolete ….” I reject Satan … “

    I share a great video from a well trained psychiatrist who has no problem to admit the existence of evil and Satan . Yes, there is exorcism . Yes , men can invite evil into themselves and can quite calmly live out lives in which they bring evil to others . Many bishops and priests are apparently comfortable with mortal sin, as they do not fear God or fear the pains of hell. Their default position , as to the psychological means of “security” , is to deny evil exists, as gives a false consolation, that there is no need to consider they or anyone else might be going there .

    As to the video, my opinion as a practitioner psychiatry/neurology , that the video psychiatrist even understates the pervasiveness of evil and its influence upon hears and minds. He would have you think multiple personality disorder is a psychiatric condition ( which it is with schizophrenia , transgender , and depression etc… ) . BUT from where did these conditions arise to be found in the person ? The correct answer, they may not be possessed ,BUT the consequences of data storage ( which include temptations accepted into memory)
    allow the manifestation in physical reality as a “person” by an expression of memory which includes a demonic origin . By extension these people example an unwitting representation of the demonic, able to evidence the consequences of evil, and affect evil upon others by their behaviors . MUCH recognition of a problems is necessary in order to understand it and then correct it .

    God Bless, Dr.Scott

    1. Necessary distinctions well defined. One question: how
      —if at all —does (secular) psychiatry allow for Grace
      in a person? CAN Grace make an entrance in a person’s
      life if, culturally and practically, there is ONLY the
      horizontal relationship, the (non fully) Human? . . “in order
      to understand it AND THEN CORRECT IT” . . with
      the Social Sciences ALONE? That would be a form of
      Pelagianism. [ . . we can save ourselves WITHOUT the
      aid of Grace ].

  2. Satan, as we all know, has the ability to transform himself into an angel of light. In this case he is using every trick and every lie he has in his quiver to assert his goal of transforming the Church into his own image and likeness. Those who cannot see this and who are being taken in my his deceptions are playing w/fire literally. This coming Wed. is the beginning of Lent, a time of prayer, fasting, almsgiving and a continuing afforemation of our love and service to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who by submitting Himself to being tortured and crucified gained our salvation. W/o the shedding of His Precious Blood on the Cross, there could never be our salvation. Regardless of what these satanist bishops are planning they cannot and will never change what Christ did for us; NEVER. That is His promise to us, his Church, that He would never leave us and that His Church would never be destroyed. Tribulation is coming and we will suffer but as we know, suffering makes The Church stronger. Christ has conquered sin and death so let those who think they can triumph over Christ do what they will only to find that in their obstinate state of sin, they earn their reward which is their own spiritual death and eternal punishment.

  3. “Taboo subjects . . ” ?? The Church’s Sacred Deposit of
    Faith —and all contained therein —taboo ?

    First “Rigid”. Now “Taboo”.

    BOOO! . . YOU’RE all “taboo”, all you prattling Praguesters!

    Folks, we’re OFF the rails, stuck in the soft soil of
    lovy-dovy Ferdinand the Bull’s flower (poppy’s?) pocked

    Grown —mature? —men and women, at odds with “the
    Way, the Truth, and the Life”, on equal par with Christ
    Himself ! ??

    Safe-crackers, who successfully overcome especially
    nasty obstacles to blowing an exceptionally strong and
    complicated vault, would consider their efforts as the
    pay-off of “courageous decisions”. BUT . .

    ” . . the Church with all its injuries, with all its bruises
    . . we are called to [ “love” ] the Church when it is
    bruised, when W E ARE HURT”. A-w-w, poor baby.

    Sounds more like SELF-PITY . . not the honest
    battle scars of a WAR defending Christ and His
    Church . . by real “SOLDIERS of Christ” . . under the
    banner of MARY, ” . . terrible as an army set in battle
    ARRAY.” (Canticle of Canticles, 6: 10)

    Reject secular notions? . . at our peril . . IF WE DON’T!

    Excellent concluding lines, Anthony. Thank you!


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