The Three Days Of Darkness & Rebirth Of The Church According To Blessed Anna Maria Taigi

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I find it interesting that some are choosing to counter signal the validity of these mystics given that their visions were known to the pontiffs who declared them blesseds before they made that declaration.




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3 thoughts on “The Three Days Of Darkness & Rebirth Of The Church According To Blessed Anna Maria Taigi

  1. I would really like to know more about the visions of Sr. Hildegard. Perhaps you’ve talked about that before but I’m not sure where to find it.

  2. Thank you, Anthony, for sharing —once again —your thorough
    research on this very important feature of the Church’s Life.

    ” . . to counter signal the valitidy”, the Papal-backed truths, of
    these mystics and their messages . . is where the modernist
    “I” co-opts these very truths.

    If any of us students, fans, and followers of Bl. Taigi’s
    hand-written recorded (hand-written) prophesies and
    messages (1937) ALSO lived through and/or studied the
    Fatima events (1917), we would notice that both these
    Private Revelations are “in synce”, back up each other,
    because HEAVEN-SENT.

    While Bl. Maria’s describes in sufficient detail those
    convulsions in both Society and in Nature, Our Lady of
    Fatima makes no mistake in showing three CHILDREN
    the ETERNAL ” convulsion of Hell . . end-game of any
    and all other convulsions.

    Bl. Maria, also, might well be held up today as MODEL
    for Mothers of large families, given the DIABOLICAL
    attacks on that living Blessing world-wide. St. Charbel
    Mahkloug of Lebanon is especially clear on this.

    Interesting to hear that @8:10 ” . . during that universal
    darkness” the Holy Rosary REMAINS the anchor and
    the Faithful’s protection . . which it has ALWAYS been, the
    “Golden Threat” apportioned from Heaven by Mary through
    the Church’s Religious Orders [ Carthusians; Dominicans ]
    and Saints, from the beginning of Europe’s growth and
    development until pretty well throughout the 20th century
    . . confirming Bl. Maria Taigi’s received messages and


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