Bishops Of Belgium Kick Off The Apostasy In Flamboyant Style

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Not only did they endorse ‘loyal homosexual unions,’ they created a Mass setting for blessing said unions.




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5 thoughts on “Bishops Of Belgium Kick Off The Apostasy In Flamboyant Style

  1. I don’t know what the Blessed in Heaven —or those awaiting such Blessedness —do with
    this cave-in to universal perversion AMONG THE HIERARCHY.

    That exceptional tribe/nation —the “Flathead”/ Salish Nation —of the Eastern Rockies KNEW
    the inroads of darkness and OF REAL EVIL on their people. Their chiefs said so, and said so
    eloquently! They had already experienced Catholic teaching from some Catholic Iroquois who had emigrated from the Jesuit Mission in Montreal (Quebec). They had also witnessed a prophecy from one of their own youth, who enjoined them to “listen to the black robes” WHEN THEY COME, just
    before she died,

    The “Flathead” people are on record for B E G G I N G “Blackrobes” to be sent from St. Louis.
    FOUR separate1500 mile trips: 1831;1835;1837;1939 ! . . until, in 1840, Fr. Pierre DeSmet, SJ, arrived . . to a jubilant, huge welcome from a Gospel-hungry people.

    St. Mary’s Mission, in Stephensville, Montana (west end), remains witness to Fr. DeSmet’s
    Catholic evangelizing. He taught thorough INSTRUCTION: in Church Teaching, in Prayers, and in participating in “the Great Prayer”, the Mass.

    While DeSmet clearly saw the Divine Retribution visited upon the American people during their fratricdal Civil War, similarly he and his many children “up there” with Christ must see today’s diabolical shenanigans . . A ND the eventual Triumph of the Immaculate Heart —Fr. DeSmet had a great trust and devotion Our Lady in his negotiations with Government, Military, and peace-making
    efforts between the various warring tribes. He consistently promoted her Rosary, saw its power —and now, surely, the final Reign of Christ the King.

  2. When Amoris Lætitia was released, many commentators saw that it would be used for EXACTLY this purpose. All the Jorge-splainers insisted we were just being meanies and of course the pope could never allow such thugs. Not only was he going to allow it, but he has been behind it, while allowing the CDF to squeak out an occasional bit of plausible deniability to keep the gullible on board.

    1. I just sampled some of the (Dutch . . I’m Dutch) tweets; the following one stands out: “Translated from Dutch by Google: + + + Cardinal De Kesel and the bishops of Flanders [ 19th Century Missionary DeSmet was from Flanders. How the Hierarchy in Belgium/ Flanders today have been boondoggled! ] give the green light for the blessing of gay couples and publish the blessing liturgy. They thus go directly against THE VATICAN THAT LAST YEAR SAID THAT GOD ‘CANNOT BLESS SIN.'” A key point. Truthful. But effectively useless, given the relativistic CULTURE we’re now drowning it. One’s OPINION is as good as another’s . . ad infinitum! Pope Francis and his “synodality” has opened the flood-gates of and OCEAN of opinions from every Diocese in the world. When these have all been collated, juxtaposed, and weighed will the resulting TOME equal the
      Wisdom of the Ages? i.e. the Sacred Deposit of Faith ?

      “O Lord, return Your floating People back to the ROCK, the SACRED DEPOSIT OF FAITH !!”

      Meanwhile we —sleepy Faithful Catholics —can access the Catechism of the Catholic Church
      of St. John Paul II [ ], and/ or the Roman Catechism of Trent, and/or Fr. Spirago’s exhaustive explanation of the Faith, and/or Ludwig Ott’s definitive work on the Faith.

  3. The Church is now officially the church of the sodomites and their lifestyle. When Lucifer told God he would not serve, he was instantly cast into hell along w/his minions of demonic angels never to be released from their eternal torment. I shudder at this most egregious choice by the bishops of Belgium because they, unless they have a change of mind and heart, will be subject to the Laws of God which cannot be changed because God can NEVER go against his own Justice and Truth.


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