The American Bishops Just Proved The Apostasy Is Here

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The USCCB just released its Synodal report for the Church in America. It’s as bad as you think, if not worse.




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6 thoughts on “The American Bishops Just Proved The Apostasy Is Here

  1. Of course this “summary” was given by Rome to be “written” by the USCCB, the way that the local Part Committee would be given their report to be “presented” at the Party Congress in the old USSR.

    1. In short, that “synodal” questionaire for Parishes pans out as Ecclesial Communism. NOTHING, in
      it is tied to the Vicar of Christ, source of Unity in the Church, but to “the Spirit”. Pope Francis has
      yet to accept his role as VICAR. The level of interaction/ communication/ “sharing” is strictly
      horizontal . . somehow founded on “the Spirit” inspiring any and all input from Parishes globally.
      No hint of the Sacred, of the Deposit of Faith, of the Eucharist, of the Real Presence, of Scripture,
      of Scripture, of Dogma, of Papal Teaching, of the Wisdom of the Saints . . each and ALL of which
      resides in THE PEOPLE ( of God ?? ), who are being “milked” for anything that can be co-opted
      for use in building up a false christ and a false church.

  2. As Jeanne mentioned, the online survey questions were all leading questions and did not allow for orthodox responses. The fix was clearly in from the start. So few people seem aware of the situation, and will just gladly go along due to the misapplied notion of obedience. All who still want the Catholic faith will be (are now?) smeared as Protestants, little Luthers who think they know better than The Church. As you’ve said countless times, all we want is the faith of our predecessors, not the reinterpretation/remix. Please pray for the few remaining good bishops.

  3. The survey questions were designed with a particular end in mind. The results provide an unfair analysis of Catholic opinion as precise answers were not given as options. And many topics were not covered in those wuestions.
    Also, those surveyed probably heavily balanced toward apostate diocese. Never saw the survey for my more faithful diocese.

  4. Given what you present today, Anthony, yesterday’s push-back by Bishop Strictland and like-minded
    clerics and Laity now begins to look like the EXCEPTION! I was beginning to hope for an increase
    in “momentum”, even for some Cardinals from the Vatican and Curia to call out Pope Francis’ clear

    An opportunity for heroic fidelity to the “Faith of our Fathers”?

    1. It all boils down to: what I S the Mass? Fr. Gabrielle Amorth (R.I.P.), 25 year friend of Padre Pio,
      best answers this very weighty question:

      “One bishop told me, with great conviction, ‘It doesn’t take anything else to understand who Padre
      Pio is; all that is needed is TO ATTEND HIS MASS.’

      Every Mass was an agony [ literally, of the Passion of Jesus ] for Padre Pio. But the graces came down like rain, and often they were extraordinary. THERE WAS NO NEED FOR EXPLATION: it was CLEAR that this was a sacrifice, the sacrifice of Jesus, to which was united the sacrifice of the celebrant, with those present STRIVING to take part it it also.

      I know very well that many have written more and better than I [ Fr. Gabriele Amorth ] about
      Padre Pio’s Mass. But I think it is always helpful to consider it, ESPECIALLY for the faithful who so
      easily neglect the Mass or become distracted when they attend; helpful also for the priests who
      sometimes rush through it as fast as they can.

      But do they know what the Mass is?” —Gabriele Amorth, PADRE PIO: STORIES AND MEMORIES
      OF MY MENTOR AND FRIEND, 2016/ 2021, transl. Matthew Sherry, Ignatius Press.


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