Cardinal Burke & Bishop Schneider Tell The Laity To Resist Heresy

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Resist the Modernists, especially in light of the news of rapists in the hierarchy admitting their crimes.



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4 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke & Bishop Schneider Tell The Laity To Resist Heresy

  1. Sorry, folks. I’ve got lots more to say, especially concerning Lourdes
    St. Bernadette. I take not that today (Nov.12) is also the feast of
    St. Josephat, Bishop AND M A R T Y R!

    So, the rot underneath the flowing robes of many in the Hierarchy
    for the longest time was: “SIN isn’t (sin).”!

    “How often have we seen Doctrinal and Theological errors come
    (packaged) in material CORRUPTION?” Official Vatican “Pravda”
    is always impressive when its backdrop is Bernini’s Colonnade,
    but ti shrinks to pitiful counterfeit coin when surrounded by a
    “white picket fence”.

    A Plenary meeting in LOURDES ?? . . without first doffing their
    skull caps to the First Lady of that mountain town, mentor of
    the little shepherdess, Bernadette  —Our Lady’s “broom” by
    whom she swept the town AND Church clean [ Rosary; perpetual
    healing spring waters? . . whose unassuming ordinariness
    DISARMED battery after battery of Ecclesiastical Interrogations?

    The fresh-aired mountain shepherdess stuck to her account —
    NOT “narrative”; NOT “interpretation” —just plain-jane RE-
    telling and review: first her rose-cultivating Pastor, M.Perymal.
    Then the Local Ordinary of the region. The several times
    again to her Religious Superior and “fellow” Sisters in

    But Pope Francis’ delegation? Not even a cursory acknow-
    legement as to WHERE they were? . . sorry fellas, but you
    deserve the same NON-acknowledgement that you’ve given
    to Our “Golden Rose” Lady’s “closet sweeper” and to the
    Miraculous news that —like the Miraculous waters (I drank
    a filled soda bottle when there in 1971)— came out of that
    natural grotto: “Je Suis La Conçepçiou Immaculée” (” I am
    the Immaculate Conception”) . . subsequently declared a
    Dogma of the Church by that “authoritarian” Pope Pius XII
    . . and also great lover of the Queen of Heaven.

    CARDINAL PEROLIN & Co., does he really have ANYTHING
    to say, with these EVER-CONTINUING events of Lourdes
    SO close to him he ought to have been choking from that
    Blessed ambience? Nope! Like the good NWO guy is is,
    he runs rough-shod over Sacred History, and, Marxist-
    style, replaces it with what aims to be made into an idol,
    a false christ and a false church.

    The worthy Cardinal is pushed Frankie’s Traditiones Custodes,
    the very antitheses of the WHOLE FOUNDATION of the
    Lourdes events of a century-and-a-half ago: Mass (of the
    Ages!) offered daily; the Sacrements; Christ Crucified; the
    Sanctification of the Church and the Laity. NOT the
    “humanization” of same !! etc.

    Gwan! . . you bsers.

  2. Today is Remembrance Day. Yesterday I viewed videos of a top Nazi
    who was given to rule Holland after the destruction of Rotterdam.
    The liberation of the Dutch by the Canadians was no mean feat. The
    anniversary still carries on, 75 years later! School children tend to
    the graves of fallen Canadian Soldiers, even today. To neglect such
    self-sacrifice would be unthinkable. Many marriages came out of
    that as well . . war brides . . coming to live in Canada . . remaining
    in Holland.

    Re. Bishop Schneider & the “Mass of the Ages”: ” . . because to lose
    [ centuries ] . . ” is also unthinkable.

    But —or so his words and actions seem to point to — for Pope
    Francis nothing is Sacred anymore i.e. NOTHING! It’s all about
    being human, human, human, human. Declare anything sacred
    and you’re into deep-freeze rigid. Through this Pope we’re into
    that formalizer of atheism, “Fred” Nietsche and his Nihilism.
    For him and his generation God was dead, or might as well
    have been. Maybe for a majority of “christians”, observed by
    Mr. Nietsche, God was treated as if dead . . eventually excusing
    an arms race (Britain, Germany, Japan . . battleships, greed
    for a piece of China and Africa . . ) and open war  — WWI.

    Assassination of the Austrian Archduke by a YOUNG disgruntled
    anarchist . . always the young who end up doing the fighting,

    But, through the transparency of three little shepherd kids, Our
    Lady clearly teaches about the (self-inflicted!) judgement of
    serious sin: Hell . . “where poor sinners go”. If people did
    not return to God, there would be a war worse than the first.

    As for Mad Fr. Matthew? . . let some REAL men, REAL
    Catholic Dads get together, usher him into the parking lot
    and give him a good old-fashioned “British Empire” caning,
    across his butt . . with a note to the Bishop, “Excellency,
    no shameless debased Priest is going to desecrate our, i.e.
    YOUR Church!”

  3. This is from Stalin’s playbook — massacre & then pretend to have concern for the poor party member’ needs to show they’re still cherished by the Glorious Leader.


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