Bishop Stupidly Bans Exorcism In His Diocese

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Obviously in a time of growing darkness we need fewer exorcisms, not more, right? Such is the logic of the Modernist.




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4 thoughts on “Bishop Stupidly Bans Exorcism In His Diocese

  1. Thanks once again for your thorough “unpacking” in this latest podcast.

    This Bishop of Chur’s “pure humanism” —i.e. MINUS the Incarnation,
    the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ, and given Pope
    Francis’ own Plagianistic “humanism”; also his dismissal because
    forgetfulness of his country’s Patron Saint, St. Nicholas of Flüe —
    is simply piling on more self-decided errors awaiting DIVINE
    Judgement. Wiser, because FAITHFUL, Bishops have already,
    and repeatedly, intimated the Divine Judgement  — Müller,
    Brandmüller, Burke, Viganö, Schneider, Mutsaerts, Strickland,
    Cordileone . . many more.

    Isn’t Bishop Monnemain REACTING to his Diocese’s established
    TRADITION OF Exorcisms? Same shaven head. Same falsely
    secure smile as Jimmy Martin . . secure while joy-riding on their
    increasingly crowded bandwagon. So many dubiously-confident
     —because woefully ignorant, non-thinking —yet basically
    fun-loving Catholics.

  2. Bonnie ain has never been confronted with someine in need of an exorcism because he is possessed.


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