Francis Rejects Catholic Moral Teaching & Embraces The Demonic

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Moral ambiguity coming from the man the world thinks is pope is a bad look in general.




https://www.infovaticana. com/2022/11/24/sancionan-a-un-sacerdote-frances-por-afirmar-que-el-aborto-causo-mas-muertes-que-la-i-guerra-mundial/?fbclid=IwAR17XwfbUBzdJuQEfXFn1ENiNjUluLIag8rre7PpepBKte8o-qIO-TxSkXo&fs=e&s=cl

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4 thoughts on “Francis Rejects Catholic Moral Teaching & Embraces The Demonic

  1. To maintain an effective an incorruptible shield against
    Bergoglian COUNTER-CHURCH one needs to constantly
    build AN INTERIOR CULTURE OF CHRIST, to feed one’s
    Faith —the Sacramental Life, the daily Rosary, “a spirit of
    sacrifice, of humility (St. Teresa’s “love of Truth”), of self-
    denial”, of “Charity above all”,yes, and —LOVES OF

    The life of St. Pius X (Joseph Melchior Sarto) is one such
    Saint. [ Life of Pius X, by F.A.Forbes, R.& T Washbourne,
    London, Imprimatur, 1918 ] . . . raised up by Providence at
    just the right hour —as the storms of Freemasonry, Atheism,
    and Communism of the 19th Century break upon the 20th

    Pope Pius X, a Holy, brilliant, and always approachable Vicar,
    crowed out the fear-based poison of the Jansenists. His love
    of little Children and of the Holy Eucharist were —and remain—
    his foundation. His kindness, humour, and generosity to the
    poor [ “DIRT” poor in those days ] attracted all to him. His
    flint-like, no-quarter hardness against Modernism and ALL
    modernists revealed at the same time the warrior for Christ
    and His Church which he was, driven by his motto: “Instaure
    omnia in Christus”, “To restore ALL THINGS in Christ”.

    1. Postscript: “A holy priest makes holy people;” “A priest
      who is not holy is not only useless but harmful to the
      world.”  —St. Pius X . . an apt summary, in a nutshell,
      of what his own Priesthood was about, and of the
      fatal “cliffs” to avoid fall off.

      In THAT light, the current Vatican “Politburo” can only
      last so long, acting, in its allotted time, as an instrument
      of Divine Fire burning away accumulated jungle-like
      dross of the World and its Prince.

  2. When Archbishop Lefebvre returned to France from Africa c. 1960, he was shocked at how far they had already lost anything like the faith in which they had been raised & formed.

  3. We are either Catholic which means we follow Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ and ALL His teachings in and out of season, or we are not Catholic. There is no other choice. And that goes for Francis, the bishops, cardinals, priests, etc. and the laity. I would have to say that Francis and his bishops, cardinals, etc., etc, are NOT based on their speech/actions which are not in line w/true Catholic teaching and action. Perhaps we have reached the point of decision which means we, if we are Catholic, stop going to the Novus Ordo counterfeit church completely. Find either an SSPX church/community or a Pope St. Pius X church/community even it you have to travel a distance to attend. I do and am happy I made that choice. But at all cost, keep the faith and remain in Communion w/ Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ.


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