Francis Just Protected A Monstrous Priest From Justice Who Molested Nuns

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Why would Francis protect a nun molestor?




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2 thoughts on “Francis Just Protected A Monstrous Priest From Justice Who Molested Nuns

  1. His artwork first showed up north of the 49th (Canada) about
    five years ago. Used to illustrate Liturgical season(s). We’ve
    always wondered about it; I was easy prey for “cool”

    Your —don’t blink or you’ll miss it —”RODEO” analogy fits
    . . same excitement generated as befits a “bucking bronco”,
    but with “horse whisperer” Francis NOT trained to ride ’em
    to a stand-still !

    The unveiling of yet a further heinous, UTTERLY SHAMEFUL
    scandal in the heart of the Church .. my thoughts? As in
    yesteryear’s old-fashioned “Evening News” episodes, bad
    news sells . . we feel “good” because —we think —WE’RE
    not implicated in any and all bad news cuts, forgetting
    that “There but for the Grace of God go I”.

    While not shoving these your latest “revelations”, Anthony,
    under the mental rug of faked amnesia, what this sinner
    clings to (because POSSESSES) is that Joy which
    Scripture tells us is our STRENGTH. “The JOY OF THE
    LORD is my strength”.

    The latest “instalment” of THAT Joy was the discovery (in a
    local 2nd hand store, in mint condition) of a profound meditation
    on the CANONIZATION of Ste.Thérèse of Lisieux, who’s
    centennial is a mere three years away (1925 – 2025). A
    Fr. Raymond (de Thomas de St.Laurent) —1879-1949 —
    takes the reader through Thérese’s correspondence with
    Grace as well as presenting her in the light of her foundress
    St. Teresa of Avila (“From FOOLISH devotions, free us
    O Lord”), and the “scary” (for many!) principles of
    St. John of the Cross, who leads the serious soul into the
    mystical love that is the fusion of hearts . . with liberal
    quotes from that “Little Flower”. She lived for Love:

    “I would never have believed it possible to suffer so
    much. Never! Ever! I can only explain it through the
    ardent desire I have TO SAVE SOULS . . ”

    Elsewhere: “There is NO love WITHOUT suffering.”

    Surely a fit anti-toxin to protect our interior “Culture
    of Christ” from yet more Bergoglian antics.

    But let’s NOT think that Thérèse ALSO pursues
    the ETERNAL Salvation of Pope Francis, like the
    LITTLE “Hound of Heaven” she is!


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