Cardinal Burke Warns US: Beware Of The Infernal Temptations Of The Enemies Of Christ

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Cardinal Burke may be trying to say something about the state of the Church in this letter.




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2 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke Warns US: Beware Of The Infernal Temptations Of The Enemies Of Christ

  1. I am reading Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson. I view Cardinal Burke’s comments as in keeping with its major theme. The hierarchy, including the Holy Father, have become materialistic in their worldview and their goals. Material equality and international fraternity are not the goals of Christ because they ignore entirely the partly-immaterial nature of man. Man as both a material and spiritual “composite” can only be satisfied by supernatural goods.

  2. Anthony, double “Thank you!’ for airing Cardinal Burke’s letter.
    My “Kudos” for it blend with your own concluding remarks: ” . . but
    when you see letters like this, you can only rejoice . . if the majority of Bishops were actually like this, the majority of Priests
    were actually like this, then myself and people like me would be
    out of a job . . and it would make me happy to do so . . remember
    that as we journey towards Lent we need to seek our solace, and
    our freedom, and all the rest, in the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.”
    So, don’t, Anthony, chuck your “day job”: it covers very effectively for the wide-spread dire absence of true Authority, until the Sun of the Sacred Heart re-appears from behind the current darkness . .
    even though His Presence in the Eucharistic Sacrifice and reserved in Tabernacles still existing around the world can easily
    remain our abiding Solace, should we so choose, with regular


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