Benedict XVI Is Adding More Confusion About Who Is The Pope

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The man sure loves his symbols of apostolic authority




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3 thoughts on “Benedict XVI Is Adding More Confusion About Who Is The Pope

  1. Frankly, I’m happy to acknowledge that Francis is the Pope, Bishop of ROme and ruler of the Vatican City state. I am absolutely over the moon, however, that Francis rejected the title of Vicar of Christ, i.e. Successor, in that sense, to S. Peter! Bonus, because it is not clear that Francis is doing “what Jesus would do”, as it were! Thanks be to God, there is still a Vicar of Christ with us. Guess who 🙂

  2. From everything known, he’s making it known that the CAiW is not the actual Pontiff, but that he still is.

    Yep, just as you’ve heard from others…

    The breadcrumbs have been there all along, but it’s taken a while for many to begin to realize that something’s not right with this picture.

  3. I think Benedict IS signalling that he did not resign freely. Benedict is better than simply being attached to “the trappings of the papacy”. Whenever Benedict claims to have truly resigned it is given through some interview – presented in written form – that does not clearly indicate that he actually said these things. Or that these quotes were not put into his mouth. I’m not clear on who is the real Pope, but I think, believe that Francis is a clear danger to the true faith. Can such a man be a Pope? One whose aim is destruction?


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