Francis’ Diabolical Easter Plan To Deny You The Sacraments

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Get ready to have both your Christmas and Easter ruined by Pachapapa Francis




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One thought on “Francis’ Diabolical Easter Plan To Deny You The Sacraments

  1. Kengor’s A Pope and a President clearly and horrifically details the true face of Marxist Atheism
    in the rule of J. Stalin and N. Kruschev . . in particular the horrific chapter on Hungary’s vilification, forced Soviet occupation, and the relentless beatings and brainwashing of its Primate,
    Jòszef Cardinal Mindzenty. What “Francis” is doing is a trajectory of replacing Christ and His
    Church with an idol, a false christ and a false church, by means of a “soft” Marxiification, i.e. without tanks and diabolical prison sadists.

    The CCP —Chinese Communist Party, current holder of the baton of the original Communist
    goal of World Domination . . they’ve had both the time and the numbers to infiltrate every nation, including the Vatican —behind the “smoke-screen” of a lab-gestated virus, generating universal fear (of death and loss of property), an engineered “pandemic”, freedom-killing lock-downs, and the timed deadly needle juices (now mandatory), is in a position to seize control of the whole
    world. A typical Marxist step by step take-over, through creating chaos (fear & frozen hearts),
    seizing (now digital and universal) Communications, having already secured the “interior
    ministries” and heads of Governments.

    According to Dr. Mercola’s site, only the will, determination, and organization (speaking to the
    American Legal System only) of LOCAL Governments (States) can an a binding Lawsuit
    —with the charge of Murder and Intent of Murder —be levelled against these “global predators”.
    All personnel of the Supreme Court and higher levels of the Legal System will NOT do anything, because they CAN’T, SINCE they’ve been tied into Legal knots by their own checks and balances based on the VERY Constitution.

    BLIMEY! . . Heaven help us ! !

    America’s Patroness, the Immaculate Conception, can, unconquered Leader, “terrible as an
    army set in battle array.” (Canticle of Canticles 6:10). I’m Catholic. Do betrayed, demoralized,
    apostate Catholics deserve it ? Even that question is “out of the question”. We beggars dare
    not be choosers at this moment. We’ve been given the weapon of choice by this very Queen
    of Heaven and Earth, her Rosary . . prayed DAILY . . from the heart.


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