Pachamama Is Back and Francis Loves It

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He just can’t quit the Pachamama. It’s like Brokeback Mountain but instead of being gay its heretical.




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One thought on “Pachamama Is Back and Francis Loves It

  1. “Draconian” is the No1 “buzzword” buzzing around our planet, ever since the Chinese Communist virus was let out of its Wuhan lair i.e. Draconian “measures” applied against Covid-19 . . by all governments everywhere, who first scare hell INTO their human subjects . . and further “legitimize” jabbing them with needle juices leavubg a trail of medical maimings and of death.
    But here is Francis blithely, though remotely, establishing rank paganism in his native land, while all ears and hearts should be attuned to Austria where the TRUE fruit of said paganism (as with Thor & the Nazis “just the other day”) is breaking down citizens’ front doors, about to make said FREE citizens into illegals within their own country. The point being NOT the “Draconian” measures NOR even the Covid virus, but the question: “What is the most effective weapon against it ??”.
    Austria —CATHOLIC Austria —knows the answer: the Rosary,
    proven time and again in its history, the latest being right after the
    Second World War. By 1955 all Soviet Russian occupiers had
    slunk out of Austria for no apparent reason, saving it from being
    the next “dominoe” to fall to Marxist Atheism.
    Our Lady of Fatima —the Queen of Heaven and Earth —doesn’t
    shout, rant, and rave. She simply states facts. She can’t lie. Only
    Satan lies and murders. We know the tree by its fruit. Well . . look
    around. Snap out of it ! . . rusting sleep.


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