3 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Chaos May Be Coming To Your Parish

  1. Anthony, what did the Japanese commander, or planners of their attack on Pearl Harbour” mutter to themselves after doing the deed? ” . . . we have awakened a sleeping GIANT!” [ Would that THAT sleeping Giant reawakened today, drugged as it is by that false NON-awakening called “Woke”! ] Re-laying the Foundation of Democracy in Catholic
    instruction—formation in the knowledge, love, AND SERVICE of God — make Bishop Sheen’s war time talk all the
    more urgent now. There is really nothing more to add to, nor even to say about, his words to his people and to the
    free world. Only to re-visit and to take to heart.

  2. The good that may come out of the Catholic Church being targeted in regards to abortion is that the Church will rightly and publicly be seen as a sign of contradiction to the world. If neither the leadership in the Church nor the lay Catholics distinguish themselves from the world, then the Faith itself will make it known. No matter how the blow may be perversely softened by Catholics themselves, Catholic teaching itself is present for all to see. Thank God!

    1. ” . . Catholic Teaching itself is present for all to see . . ” AND TO ACCESS, to make one’s own. Immoveable, quietly
      just . . THERE, like “the Rock” —RIGID TOO, mind you —it always was and remains. Very much, symbolically,
      like the pre-Cambrian rock sticking out of the ground just outside of Okotoks, Alberta (Canada), within sight of the
      Rocky Mountains. “Okotoks” . . . Blackfoot language for “Rock”. Quite immoveable, as mentioned above.


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