Francis Has Inflicted A Schism Upon The Church

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And here’s the thing about that: we’re not supposed to talk about there being at least two different religions occupying the same theological space.





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6 thoughts on “Francis Has Inflicted A Schism Upon The Church

  1. I’m certainly no theologian, but it strikes me that it might actually be a good thing that a schism hasn’t taken place yet. One is certainly coming, I don’t think there are many trads who will deny that, but… Could it not be God’s protection of the Church that has staved one off for this long?

    After all, right now, there are thousands of men and women of goodwill in the Novus Ordo, people who would willingly embrace tradition if they heard about it, who have simply never been exposed to such things. I’m a protestant convert, and my wife is a cradle Catholic, and we both discovered the Latin Mass (and all other things traditional) at the same time. If a true schism had taken place after Vatican II, or in the 80s, or so on and so forth, I’m not sure we would have made the jump. As it was, all we had to do was change churches, exposing ourselves to good priests, and our transformations began. And THAT was difficult. If there had been a larger barrier in place, would we be here? By the Grace of God, I hope so, but I can’t be sure that my stubborn self would have been able to commit to it. Right now, we have family members in the Novus Ordo that we pray will follow us. They think we’re crazy, of course, but they’re at least willing to give us the time of day since we’re all Catholic. Would that be the case if there was a schism in place? I doubt it, and I suspect that countless more people are in the same boat.

    1. Dakota, thanks for sharing. Very helpful, forbearing, and charitable to “the many” of good will.

  2. A Rip van Winkle who fell asleep in 1955 and woke up in 1970 would instantly say “This is not the Catholic Church, this is not the Mass” on entering a Novus Ordo sanctuary & witnessing the prayer & communion service there. But because people were bombarded with PR releases telling them “Oh no we’re just updating” & because the bishops were themselves lost & had no ability to stand for the Faith, Catholics bought the toxic substitute.

    1. Good analogy, John. The thing about Mr. Van Winkle, he slept —lots! —but stayed honest.

  3. When Our Lady is “chucked to the curb”, or is totally kept out of key Ecclesial events and “progress”, she no longer
    either protects or inspires the perpetrators. My first thoughts —after viewing this, your latest, Anthony —went to
    [ veteran Exorcist ] Fr. Chad Ripperger’s uplifting and detailed talk on Our Lady’s title, “Mother of Fair Love” . . which Anniballe Bugnini totally suppressed during Vatican II. Here’s the pertinent quote:
    “ . . its a title we don’t hear too often . . but there is a specific aspect of her Love that is key for us in understanding, and it’s something we have to emulate [ model oneself on ]. . . originally the feast of ‘Mother of Fair Love’ was on May 31. Then [ Mgr. Annibale ] Bugnini moved it to May 8 [ the secular celebration of “Women’s Day” ]. Then, by the time they got to the new Mass, they simply removed it, . . don’t quote me on the numbers, but there were something like 20 Marian Feasts he simply removed from the calendar . . so . . [ he is ] a Freemason . . they don’t want to admit he’s a Freemason, you know . . I’m sorry, but . . we got the picture”
    — spiritual growth / .o5 “Mother of Fair Love” (released Oct. 2021) @ 31 min. ff.

    Remove the Mother, remove the Father, remove the Son . . and there’s no Holy Spirit left to keep the Church ONE!


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