We Were Warned: The Great Chastisement According To Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora

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Blessed Mora’s writings are all over the internet. Most, if not all of the websites that use talk about her visions and warnings come from a book she wrote that later received an Imprimatur from her Bishop, meaning that her visions are approved. Various popes in the 20th century helped her cause for canonization reach approval.

The fascinating thing is that she is often overlooked by people looking into the warnings of the crisis and doom facing the Church, despite that her warning is eerily similar to that of Mary Julie Jahenny.




Prophecy of Ven. Elizabeth Canori-Mora (d. 1825) as recorded in Fr. Culleton’s book The Prophets and Our Times 1941 A.D. Imprimatur

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4 thoughts on “We Were Warned: The Great Chastisement According To Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora

  1. Thank you so much for publishing Ven. Elizabeth Canori-Mora’s warning.
    With the Church’s sex scandals and cover ups, the Vatican banks money miss-appropriations for decades and what appears to be Pagan worship and other Synod atrocities, at times I wonder how this is happening and pray for guidance and strength. This is just what I needed. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks Anthony for bringing the prophesies of f Ven. Elizabeth Canori-Mora to our attention. Yes, her predictions appear to be coming true now. Hopefully, her warnings will be convince many to change their ways. Let us pray that we will change ourown lives accordingly and transmit this message to others. The time of this Great Chastisement grows shorter by the day.


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