Those Angry Trads

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Yes, apparently it’s a sad, bad thing that traditionalism is going through a revival now, and apparently people can’t figure out why “traditional” Catholics are upset. Go figure.




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3 thoughts on “Those Angry Trads

  1. Pope Francis and Bishop Barron and the NCR writer are “Conciliar” Catholics – creatures of the Vatican 2 Council. They know that the traditional Roman Catholic Latin Mass was intentionally suppressed world-wide by their Conciliar bishops for over 30 years, but despite their best efforts, it refused to die. Now, it’s slowly making a strong come-back along with the traditional Catholic faith and that scares the hell out of them. That’s what all their name-calling is really about. By the way, I’m traditional Catholic who has to go to the “Novus Ordo Mass” but I’m not an “angry traditionalist” about it. I just know that it’s a cheesy counterfeit of the real thing. I also know I can go to the real thing online at any day of the week and make an Act of Spiritual Communion like St. Alphonsus Ligouri taught me. Thanks Anthony for all you do for Catholics.

  2. I don’t want to comment online; I’m tired of being called a heretic, liar, nuts, etc. But I must tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed the way you read this morning. I was laughing outloud by the time you finished; you caught the attitude perfectly, and put it out there where everyone could enjoy the otherwise frustrating, irritating and maddening attitude of those who seem to enjoy putting down those who love the “Traditional Catholic Mass”. Keep up the good job.


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