New Vigano Letter Condemns The New Religion

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Archbishop Vigano has decided to speak up in writing again for the first time in a while. He condemns the false ecumenism of the post-conciliar era, which is a stark departure for him from most of his peers who continue to defend the Second Vatican Council.




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3 thoughts on “New Vigano Letter Condemns The New Religion

  1. One of the biggest problems in our catholic church is the absence of a good introduction in the catholic faith for out youth ((A) central topics: (1) the 10 commandments, (2) 7 sacraments, (3) the prayers the Our Father and the Hail Mary, (4) the Credo; (B) additional topics: basics of (1) exegesis, (2) the Conceals of Nicea and Trente, (3) the problems with Vatican II, (4) the theology of Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas, (5) the lives of the and life decisions of some very important saints). We need a summary of the old catholic doctrine and based thereupon good student books with a lot of examples (casuses) and pictures (e.g. about abortion) explaining the content and concrete and practical consequences of our catholic faith for the world of today. It should be one of the highest priorities of the pope, the cardinals and the bishops to make efforts to create such books.
    Maybe Cardinal Vigano has to take initiatives to realize this, with those (bishops, priests, munks, nuns, laity) who sympathize with him.
    The ones who make those efforts should create different books according to the age of the people for who they write: basic school, secundary school, high school and university.
    Maybe the initiative should be started by those who have most respect for the tradition. If the results are really good, those books will be sold and translated all over the world, because there is a greater hunger to know the truth among students and teachers, than many people think.
    Reason: most schoolbooks of today are written by modernists who try to avoid difficult topics or points of view that are not politically correct.
    Maybe you have to make a video about this problem.

    1. A vigilant citizen 11/29/2019 at 3:52 pm

      “One of the biggest problems in our catholic church is the absence of a good introduction in the catholic faith for out youth.”

      IMO this would only work among Traditional Catholics who probably have it already covered. Most Novus Ordo Bishops would reject this idea as they really do want a return to orthodox Catholicism, mainly because they don’t really believe in it anymore and they know most laity don’t either., e.g., 70% of the laity don’t believe in the Real Presence. Vatican II has done it’s assigned job of Protestantizing the Church all too well.

      The bulk of Catholics are at a point of no return. Only divine intervention would have a chance of changing their minds.

  2. Archbishop Vigano represents the only reliable, legitimate and authoritative source of direct truth about what is happening in the Catholic Church at the present time. Thanks for the update Anthony.


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