The Wreckovation Of Notre Dame Cathedral Is Worse Than You Know

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Get ready for some pretty bad news regarding Notre Dame




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2 thoughts on “The Wreckovation Of Notre Dame Cathedral Is Worse Than You Know

  1. p.s. Anthony,

    My comment sent to your email address — — did not
    “take”, because (Google?) replied it doesn’t exist.

    So, now that I’ve calmed down, forget that comment; it’s just that a majority (??) of the French
    seem to think that the fallout of the French Revolution is still the status quo. Would that St. Joan
    would rally once again —in the name of this “Eldest Daughter”‘s cloud of witnesses . . King St.
    Louis, St.Benedict Joseph Labre, St. Louis de Montfort, St.Jeanne Jugan, St.Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney, the Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne (?) and all victims, Bl.Charles Foucauld . . —her

    We’re very much obliged to you for unravelling the complexity of this issue: Notre Dame/ the French State/ the Church/ the Culture people.

    Hope to Return To (this episode of) Tradition many times.

    Prairie Gramps

  2. ( Anthony, I sent it through your email address. Completely, in my excitement, over-looked the “Comments” line right below the
    title of the video.)


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