Some Good News For Once In These Bleak Times

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Countries are locking down again (just in time for Christmas), but we do have some good news.




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One thought on “Some Good News For Once In These Bleak Times

  1. Back in 1968, smack in the middle of metaphysics class, our (Jesuit) Prof tossed the following at our “feet”: “Christ is a Rock thrown into your life . . . and what are you going to do about it?” ( . . kick against it? . . run from it? . . or build on it.)
    Thank you, Anthony, for unveiling the impervious and immoveable nature of that “Rock”! Here indeed Francis has reached the Rock-Bottom feature of his pontificate . . and not without weighing his own sins into this, the Church’s “Basement Bargain”, shall we say?
    Here we have the best “Grace-soaked” reason for entering the Catholic Church, THE reason, by the way, for G.K.Chesterton to enter (“To get rid of my sins”), and his wife Frances too (“The Devil made me do it” . . she was referring to the all-pervasive presence and influence of Spiritualism and the Occult in their day.


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