The War Of Words Between Bishop Paprocki & Cardinal McElroy Heats Up

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And surprise, surprise: the Modernists were worked up into a lather over Bishop Paprocki’s truthful statements.




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5 thoughts on “The War Of Words Between Bishop Paprocki & Cardinal McElroy Heats Up

  1. You’re right, Anthony, about the fact that we have been indoctrinated to be a very indulgent set of Catholics. That’s what made it easy for Bishop Baron to do his “dare we believe…” podcast. The bishop’s backpedalling is congruent with the possibility that his superior is another example of the politically correct cowardice that is so prevalent that it is sending untold thousands to hell every year. You need to do a podcast on St. Leonard of Port Maurice to contrast this conservative approach to exhorting priests and bishops to preach the truth and the horrible consequences for not doing it. I wonder how your viewership would respond to this?

  2. Hi Anthony ,
    The key to all this is the stumbling block ,
    Concious .

    Where to you find it and how is it made ?
    It is a dimension of mind ( soul ) that functions by integration with the dimensions of rationality , intellect , and memory .

    Where does the moral law reside ?
    In the heart united to the Spirit of God deposited into the soul by God .

    What is relativism ?
    It is a rational “excuse” created by intellect to absolve the individual of their guilt without perfect contrition .

    Relativism is then tightly bound to memories as the self convicted is chained to the lies of Satan , rather then surrender to God , the soul surrenders to the falsehoods of bad choices placed into memory – easier to be bound to the chains of Satan then to seek data repair of memory ( Holy Spirit Healing , Integrity Restoration ; all bad “memories” are erased in presentation to The Father by the blood of Christ Jesus ) .

    The relativist then IS a double minded man who produces statements of heresy – it has a foundation on the memory “sex is natural therefore a good . AND “Love is joined to sex so that every sex act is imbued with His Love “ That’s how the gateway “drug” of sex becomes turned on its head – the True meaning and purpose of sexual relationship in a sacramental marriage becomes debased and “family” murdered.

    There is in reality only one True solution.
    That is to acknowledge, while “sex” is the most potent of drugs given to man , endowed with the power to be participatory to a created life , Gods meaning and purpose for choices as to sex as an “action” can’t be altered . All the alphabets can’t alter the holiness of anointed sexual conduct . LGBTQT by belief chose to decide their own identity and drink satans venom of of self love, pride, and power ; they go as far to call good evil in the process .

    Yes, let all come to Jesus and enter His Church , But on Jesus’s terms . Everyone who approaches Jesus in love , after the “I am sorry “ will become aware of the “You are forgiven , go and sin no more “ . Then you are in communion ( straight forward Traditional ) .

    The crime of The Trinitarians of Mary ?
    They are “Traditional “ , The Real Presence kknown to them ; Perpetual Adoration with charism to pray for His Church and Pray for His priests . YES , they pray for heretics like McElroy and know The Holy Spirit can change his heart if his Awareness becomes alert to invite The Sacred Heart of Jesus united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to commingle with his .

    Not sure how he could have “disbanded” the Trinitarians of Mary in his San Diego position as Bishop ? They were founded in the Tiajuana Diocese . Only thing I can think of is a call with the Bishop of Tiajuana in which he pledged to give him cover ?

    Blessings, Raphael

  3. Anyone who knows anything about Freemasonry knows that the three pillars of Masonry are “liberty,” “equality” and “fraternity.” What does that mean in reference to conscience; everything because for them there is no such thing as the Kingship of Christ. Consequently they have created their own “magisterium” based on lies and deception. This is an example of a Masonic credo. We know now that the French Revolution of the late 1700s was a Masonic revolution to destroy the monarchy and Catholicism. It was very successful. Nothing has changed. John 23rd was a Rosicrucian Mason and everyone knew it. Paul Vi was a Mason as was JP2. Why do you think Francis made them saints; because Francis is a Mason as are his bishops and his cardinals.Time to get educated. These things have infiltrated the faith to the point that we are no longer Catholic. All you have to do is to take a look at the new One World Religion called Chrislam which is all over the internet. Francis is one of its founders.

  4. @ 2:40 ” . . CONSCIENCE” Cardinal McElroy, you say
    “Conscience” but what is intended here, conscience formed
    to Truth (OBJECTIVE Truth, the Sacred Deposit of the
    Faith)? . . formed to erroneous “truths” (SUBJECTIVE spin
    because of sin or deviation from the Church’s Teaching)?
    . . mal-formed ( lies, atheism, secularism)? . . murdered
    ( “Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn!”)?


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